'Go Back Where You Came From': Woman Unleashes Racist Rant Against Driver in Georgia

A woman unleashed a racist rant at a driver in a Walmart parking lot in Cedartown, Georgia, after she accused him of failing to follow a Stop sign.

The incident began in a line at Little Caesars, when, according to Johnny Gonzalez, who recorded this video, the woman accused him of running a Stop sign. Gonzalez said the woman then confronted him in the parking lot.

“Go back where you came from,” the woman tells Gonzalez in the video, after using racial slurs and other swear words.

The woman returns to Gonzalez’s car a second time after she hears him use the word “crackheads”. She then says she runs her own business, and makes a swiping gesture towards Gonzalez, aimed, he said, at his phone.

Storyful has contacted the Polk County Police Department for information. Credit: Johnny Gonzalez via Storyful