'Great British Bake Off' bread week: Who went home?

Which of the bakers was third out? (Channel 4)
Which of the bakers was third out? (Channel 4)

Rochica has become the third contestant voted out of The Great British Bake Off after a tough bread week.

The themed episode is a favourite each year with bread guru judge Paul Hollywood, but is nerve-wracking for bakers keen to impress him.

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Rochica had a difficult week across all three challenges, which included baking focaccia, ciabatta, and then creating a showstopper structure out of milk bread.

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She said: "It's come to an end but I have really, really enjoyed it and not everybody gets to bake in the Bake Off tent so I am really proud of where I've got to."

Rochica (Channel 4)
Rochica left the competition in bread week. (Channel 4)

Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith had deemed her focaccia too garlicky and complained that her bread structure did not contain a full loaf of bread.

But fans of the show argued that Rochica did not deserve to be voted off and some suggested it should have been Maggie's time to go instead as she also struggled across the episode.

One viewer tweeted: "Can’t believe they let Rochica go instead of Maggie."

Someone else added: "No! That’s a terrible decision. Rochica should have stayed at least another week. Very unhappy with the judges choice this week."

Another person wrote: "Rochica didn’t do great but Maggie should’ve gone home she’s been consistently weak."

The showstopper challenge in bread week has been a popular one over the years, most memorably featuring Paul Jagger's bread lion in 2015.

Ep3.  Giuseppe.
Giuseppe won star baker. (Channel 4)

But this series offered up some striking bread structures that are sure to go down in Bake Off history, too - including Jurgen's bread baby, Lizzie's Tudor hog roast, and Crystelle's realistic roast dinner.

Both Amanda and Maggie opted for a bread octopus, although Amanda revealed that Maggie had thought the sea creature only had six legs, joking that it would be a "sexipus".

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One baker who had a dream of a bread week was Giuseppe, who was named star baker after triumphing in the focaccia and ciabatta challenges, getting a Hollywood Handshake, and baking a bread "vegetable" basket that Hollywood called "incredible".

Next week will see the remaining bakers tackle dessert week.

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