'The Great British Bake Off' custard week's four biggest moments

Custard week returned to The Great British Bake Off. (Channel 4)
Custard week returned to The Great British Bake Off. (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off turned to a British classic for its theme this week as the challenges celebrated custard.

But whose custard was set to perfection, and who was in danger of getting custard pied by Paul Hollywood?

The Great British Bake Off's custard week four biggest moments

Remembering #custardgate

Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood is on the hunt for a good custard. (Channel 4)

Tonight's custard week episode was a much more soothing affair than the 2013 competition where one of the show's biggest ever controversies was born.

Viewers might remember that Deborah Manger accidentally used Howard Middleton's custard in one of her creations, leaving him to make do with hers instead.

Nothing so dramatic occurred this year, although Paul Hollywood did briefly manage to convince Matt Lucas that Custard was a village in the North West.

After being challenged for trying to claim custard for the North, Hollywood said: "There’s a little village just outside Bolton called Custard and that is where it all came from."

As Lucas said "really?", a disdainful looking Hollywood said: "No, don’t be ridiculous!"

The staggered task returns

Prue Leith
Who would impress Prue Leith with the best ice cream? (Channel 4)

There's nothing like splitting up the group to throw the bakers into disarray, so judges Hollywood and Prue Leith put them under pressure this week with a staggered start in the technical.

Of course, they were unable to rely on watching what their competition were doing as they usually would in the technical.

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With ice cream on the menu, timing was everything, so the judges tasted as they went along so that no one got the unfair last spot and a melted cone.

However, that didn't mean everyone's ices set perfectly - many of them melted in front of the judges even as they were served.

Emotional showstoppers

Sandro shared the emotional story behind his Bake Off application. (Channel 4)

The ice-cream themed technical challenge might have seen the return of the staggered task, but it was the custard gateau showstopper where the bakers really felt the weight of the competition.

Some of the contestants dedicated their gateaus to special people in their lives, with Maxy baking for her late father-in-law.

It was Sandro who felt the most emotional as he explained that he was baking in tribute to a late friend who had pushed him to apply for the show.

He shared: "I want to do a tribute to my friend who I lost, who was helping me get on here. I didn’t even want to get on here at the time. She would have loved a cake like this for her birthday. She would be super proud."

As Sandro put the finishing touches to his gateau, he said that he felt overwhelmed by remembering his friend.

Janusz has a rare shocker

Janusz (Channel 4)
Janusz didn't live up to his usual standards. (Channel 4)

He's usually up there for star baker, so it was a shock that Janusz struggled so much in custard week - particularly in the showstopper.

A neapolitan-themed gateau looked great, with the trademark perfect Janusz drip around the edge, but Hollywood and Leith were scathing about his chocolate and fruit-flavoured custards.

Hollywood called them "too gloopy, too dense, too thick on the mouth" and "like wallpaper paste", while Leith told him that none of them tasted fresh enough.

Speaking about it later, Hollywood held nothing back as he said: "It tasted awful."

The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.