'Great British Bake Off' pays tribute to producer who died from cancer

The Great British Bake Off presenters
The Great British Bake Off paid tribute to food producer Chloe Avery. (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off has paid tribute to late producer Chloe Avery, who died in August after battling cancer.

The hit baking contest returned to Channel 4 for its 13th series with its usual innuendo, sponge dramas and banter from presenters Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas.

But at the end of Cake Week there was a moment of quiet reflection in memory of food producer Avery, who had been responsible for helping devise signature and technical challenges as well as other edible aspects of the show.

Chloe Avery was a producer on The Great British Bake Off. (Channel 4)
Chloe Avery was a producer on The Great British Bake Off. (Channel 4)

Her picture was shown, standing in the Bake Off tent with a cup of tea, wearing an apron with a pocket full of spatulas and a smile.

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It was captioned: "In loving memory of Chloe Avery 1980-2022."

Avery was diagnosed with cancer in December 2021 and given just two weeks to live. She started chemotherapy and battled on until August.

She is survived by her partner James, her young son Josh, her brother Henry and her parents.

Love Productions tweeted after the episode went out: "In memory of Chloë Avery who was a much loved member of the Bake Off family."

Her brother announced her death on social media in August, saying: “My name is Henry, I am Chloe’s brother and I’m writing this because Chloe can’t. On Monday 22 of August at 23:15 Chloe passed away after a tireless battle against cancer that started back in December last year, our Mum and Dad and I were with her in our family home in Cornwall.”

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He added: "Throughout this, Chloe remained adamant that she would get better and put this all behind her. There will be so many of you reading this now that won’t have even known she was unwell, but that was how she wanted it to be.

The Great British Bake Off team are back in the tent for the 2022 series. (Channel 4)
Chloe Avery was responsible for many edible aspects of the show. (Channel 4)

"Chloe wanted to reappear after this, healthy and strong with her baby boy and simply say when asked that, ‘2022 had been a tough year."

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