Bake Off: The Professionals chefs face disaster in Chocolate Week

The hopefuls were given one of their trickiest challenges yet

Pictured: John from Soko Patisserie
John and Bharat from Soko Patisserie attempted an elaborate design. (Channel 4)

Bake Off: The Professionals hopefuls Bharat and John faced disaster when their elaborate chocolate showpiece broke in the last few seconds before judging.

The pair have made it to the last six duos in the Channel 4 competition, which sees pastry chefs going up against each other in the kitchen. There have been a series of tough challenges over the series, with the contestants having to produce everything from edible musical instruments to carnival-themed cakes.

Judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin ramped it up a gear on Monday when they tasked the chefs with creating “gravity-defying” chocolate sculptures inspired by mythical beasts. But John and Bharat came a cropper when it all went wrong towards the end.

The pair, who are from Soko Patisserie, had come up with a design for an intricate spider, coloured blue and red and complete with a pair of intricate wings. Things were going well until the final few seconds when a wing suddenly fell off.

As they looked on in horror it smashed into pieces on the table.

The duo had no choice but to present the spider and Blin was sympathetic, saying that these things happened sometimes. But he still decided to put it to the test and dangle the chocolate dessert from a hook like the other offerings, to see if it could hang there and not break.

John and Bharat looked doubtful as he carefully strung it up, and another contestant was heard muttering: "That's a **** load of pressure!" Luckily, the spider stayed up, leaving the chefs beaming with relief.

They looked tense when it came to the elimination, but Blin and Finden announced they had come third this week. Carlos and Fausto from Real Patisserie were sent home after failing to impress with their chocolate monster.

John and Bharat had trouble. (Channel 4 screengrab)
John and Bharat had trouble. (Channel 4 screengrab)

Viewers tuning in to the show were wowed by the technical ability of the chefs, whose culinary creations also included a chocolate gargoyle and a Loch Ness monster.

"I mean... I’m happy with a Flake but this is pure architectural fantasy & I love it!" one person posted on X. "These people are artists and I want to taste every single ganache going!!!"

Carlos and Fausto were eliminated from the competition. (Channel 4)
Carlos and Fausto were eliminated from the competition. (Channel 4)

"Looks like Bake Off: The Professionals wins the 8pm slot tonight," said someone else.

Another fan joked: "I want everyone to win. Can that be arranged?"