Bambi Remake! Disney to Transform Animated Classic Into a New Live-Action Film (Report)

Ale Russian

Bambi is coming to the big screen once again.

Disney is reportedly bringing to life one of its oldest and most beloved stories in its latest live-action remake. The film will be written by Captain Marvel writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser writer Lindsey Beer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The original animated movie came out in 1942 and went on to become one of Disney’s fan-favorites as well as a critical success, earning Oscar nominations for Best Score, Best Song and Best Sound.

Bambi followed a young fawn growing up in the forest after the traumatic death of his mom in an infamous hunting scene.

The adaptation would follow the success of Disney’s last live-action remake The Lion King, which was a huge box office success with $1.65 billion worldwide last year. The company also has CGI rendering experience with 2016’s The Jungle Book.

The Lion King joined AladdinAvengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel as the fourth Disney movie to cross the global billion-dollar mark last year.

Bambi | Walt Disney/Courtesy Everett Collection

After the film’s release, director Jon Favreau, 52, revealed that there was one “real shot” featured in the CGI-animated blockbuster.

As Favreau explained to his Twitter followers, the scene occurs at the very beginning of the film as “The Circle of Life” sets the plot into motion, just as in the original.

“This is the only real shot in #TheLionKing,” he shared, alongside a still from the scene. “There are 1490 rendered shots created by animators and CG artists. I slipped in one single shot that we actually photographed in Africa to see if anyone would notice. It is the first shot of the movie that begins The Circle of Life.”

Disney is also in the process of reimagining The Little Mermaid as a live-action film, with Halle Bailey as Ariel.