Bambie Thug forced to get rid of two words on her cheek or face Eurovision ban

Bambie removing make-up from her face
During the now-deleted video, Bambie was told she needed to remove the ceasefire message from her face -Credit:Tiktok

Ireland's Bambie Thug told fans she was forced to make a last-minute change to her outfit as she daubed a message on her cheek. In a now-deleted TikTok, the singer disclosed how they almost didn't get to perform at all and had to remove some of their face makeup to be allowed to compete.

In the video, Bambie was seen with 'ceasefire now' written on their face, showing apparent support for Palestine amid its ongoing conflict with Israel. But the clip soon revealed that they were instructed to wipe off the makeup if they wanted to proceed with their performance, in line with the EBU's rules against making any political statement.

Despite complying with the request, Bambie appeared visibly distressed and labelled the situation as "f****d up" while their makeup was wiped off, leaving a stark strip of bare skin, reports OK!

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Despite the warning, Bambie Thug defiantly declared a defiant message after their enthralling performance at the Eurovision Song Contest grand final. The singer electrified the audience as they performed 'Doomsday Blue' with haunting witchcraft imagery.

Just after they had finished singing, Bambie decisively proclaimed: "Love will always win over hate!"

Bambie, who goes by they/them/their pronouns, is the first Irish contestant to make it through to a Eurovision final since 2018. Before being chosen as the Irish delegate for Eurovision 2024, Bambie had been releasing music under their professional moniker for around three years, and had already attracted a devoted fanbase along with airplay on BBC Radio.