Bank Holiday weather: Brits set for three day scorcher as heatwave hits

Rebecca Speare-Cole
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Britons are heading into a scorching three days as a potentially record-breaking heatwave hits the UK for August Bank Holiday.

Forecasters say the upcoming weekend will see glorious sunshine replace the wind and rain that has dominated the month.

And by Sunday, temperatures may reach 32C – beating the bank holiday record of 31.5C measured at Heathrow in 2001.

The warm weather starts today with the majority of the UK set for “a pretty pleasant weekend”, according to the Met Office.

Londoners could see record-breaking heat: Sun shining at Notting Hill Carnival 2017 (file photo) (Getty Images)

Meteorologist Oli Claydon said: “By the time we get into Friday afternoon, there will be bright and sunny conditions for the southeast.

“That will be the general theme for the next few days.”

Mr Claydon said that moving into Saturday, temperatures will rise to at least 31C in London, which will move northwards towards Cambridge.

People enjoy the warm weather at Camber, East Sussex (PA)

“By the time we get into Sunday, there will be a lot more in the way of cloud but this will burn off into a bright, sunny day.

“And temperatures could reach 32C, which will break the bank holiday record.”

While the record may be broken in the southeast on Sunday, Saturday will be the warmest day for most across the country, he added.

For Monday, the forecast is much more uncertain, Mr Claydon said.

“For the southeast, it will be bright and sunny but we are not sure about how hot it is going to get. We could see 28C in London.”

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He said that it in general will be bright and sunny for most of the UK, although temperatures will be cooler in the north.

“There may be rain in western Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday. There may also be some cloud on Sunday, but it will be dry pretty much everywhere.”

On Monday a cold front is coming in from the northwest, so Britons will see more of a “north-south split” with unsettled conditions moving down from Scotland, Mr Claydon added.

The rainy weather will degrade as it moves southwards so next week in London will see days of sunshine, he said.

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