Barrister shares hilarious legal analysis of 'Home Alone 2'

1992’s Home Alone 2 (REX/Shutterstock)
1992’s Home Alone 2 (REX/Shutterstock)

Who can forget 1992’s Christmas classic Home Alone 2? The Macaulay Culkin-starring sequel sees young Kevin lost and alone in New York and even features a cameo from the current US president Donald Trump.

But now ‘The Secret Barrister‘ on Twitter has spun a new angle on the feel-good family movie. The anonymous lawyer claims that Kevin actually commits many crimes in the movie, and if tried in the court of law for his wrong deeds – he could actually face up to four years behind bars.

In a tongue-in-cheek tweet thread the lawyer tweets a lengthy ‘lecture’ on all the laws Kevin breaks in the film through the ‘lens of English and Welsh law’ and ‘assuming Kevin is of criminal responsibility.’

He begins by outlining the sequel’s plot: “In Home Alone, Kevin’s family flew to Paris for Christmas and forgot him. Oops.” And then precedes to list the various laws the young lad breaks in surprisingly minute detail.

First up Kevin breaks a law before he even sets foot in New York. Within the first few minutes of the film he is shown recording Uncle Frank in the shower, which as The Secret Barrister remarks, could be considered voyeurism.

And he couldn’t seem to help poking fun at President Trump’s cameo at The Plaza Hotel. Clearly mocking the alleged crimes that have mounted against Trump since he has been elected president, The Secret Barrister declares: ‘TREASON! SEXUAL ASSAULT! FRAUD!’ and even ‘God bless his chubby little pervert toes.’

Then comes Kevin’s first official crime. By securing a stay at The Plaza Hotel he is committing fraud through false representation, but The Secret Barrister believes Tim Curry’s hotel manager character and his fellow hotel staff only have themselves to blame and he takes a dig at the current Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, who was secretary of state for justice from 2012 to 2015.

But it’s not only Kevin who breaks the law. According to The Secret Barrister almost every character featured breaks it in some manner or another.

Now it’s the ‘bandits’ turn – aka Harry (Joe Pesci) and Merv (Daniel Stern) who by planning a burglary could face up to ten years in prison in the UK. But their crimes hardly stop here, as they debate how they intend to kill Kevin – clearly with the intention to commit murder.

Back to Kevin, he commits yet another crime by throwing a brick through a shop window. The Secret Barrister can’t see how ‘a charge of criminal damage’ could be avoidable.

And as the credits roll in, he summarises all of the crimes committed by multiple characters throughout the film. He concludes that Kevin, despite being the film’s hero, would legally be bound to at least a four year prison sentence. And in addition to their burglary charges, Harry and Merv would be up for an additional 30 years to life in prison.

With over 4k retweets, several readers have also turned sleuths themselves and commented on additional crimes they noticed.

For example, one user asked The Secret Barrister if Kevin’s mum slapping Tim Curry’s character was an offence – to which he agreed it most certainly was.

The Secret Barrister remains an anonymous figure, despite publishing a bestselling book The Secret Lawyer: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken.

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