You can bash a Trump piñata at the Blues Kitchen to celebrate Independence Day

Lizzie Thomson
Trolling Trump: Join the party at Blues Kitchen

To celebrate Independence Day on July 4, the Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch is offering Londoners the chance to take a whack at a Donald Trump piñata.

In the spirit of all things American, there's also set to be a game of Pin the Toupée on Trump, so you can finally have your way with the President’s notorious wispy hair.

American citizens are particularly in luck as on the day itself the Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton branches will be serving free Langunitas to anyone with a US passport.

For everyone else there will be free popcorn, confetti cannons, flags, bunting and bandannas to get the party started. There'll also be a brass band parade and a best dressed competition.

The all-American events tie in with the chain's annual hot dog eating competition, which this year is both vegan and carnivore friendly.

Those who want to take part in the eating challenge should arrive at one of the two sites for 7pm to register and kick-off will follow shortly after at 7.30pm.

Competitors have 30 minutes to gorge on as many hot dogs as possible, which can be coated in mustard and ketchup, naturally.

All events are free and more information can be found here.