BBC announces its first presenter with Down's Syndrome

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George Webster, 20, is also an ambassador for Mencap - PAUL HUSBAND
George Webster, 20, is also an ambassador for Mencap - PAUL HUSBAND

CBeebies has announced a new presenter with Down’s Syndrome.

George Webster, 20, was announced on Monday on social media as a new member of the presenting cast for the BBC’s children’s channel.

In a video released on Twitter, the actor and presenter was shown being offered the role on the phone, before enthusiastically saying “yes please!”

Asked about how he feels on becoming the new presenter for the channel, Mr Webster said: "I feel so proud and I’m feeling so excited to start!

"I'm looking forward to cooking...and dancing."

Introducing himself, he said: “This is me. I am George. I love to cook and dance. I like to watch films all day long given half a chance.

“My eyes are sparkly, just like my mum. Just like my dad, I am determined and brave. And just like my sister, I’m full of fun.

“When I was young, I was told I could be anything. And look, here I am, in the CBeebies house, ready to cook and sing.”

Mr Webster is an actor, dancer and ambassador for Mencap, a charity which works to improve the lives of those with learning disabilities in the UK.

Earlier this year he appeared on BBC Bitesize, the channel’s educational resource, in a video which dispelled five myths about Down’s Syndrome.

The 20-year-old from Rawdon, near Leeds, went to schools in the area before going on to study at the Mind The Gap college in Bradford for young adults with a learning disability who want a career in the arts.

He has been acting since the age of eight, taking up his first role in S.A.M - a film about two boys called Sam who bond at the swings at a park.

He also appeared in a sci-fi short film BEBE A.I. earlier this year.

Speaking of his role he said that he wanted to be treated like everyone else.

"I have always wanted to be an actor, I love film and performance. I want to be given the opportunity to do more films and be equals and treated like everyone else and not be judged,” he said.

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