BBC Antiques Roadshow guest finds item worth thousands in her garden

A woman found an unusual item in her back yard
A woman found an unusual item in her back yard -Credit:BBC

A woman who found a strange item in her garden discovered it was worth thousands of pounds while on BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

Expert Adam Schoon was on hand to determine the value of today's items. After a quick examination of what appeared to be a rock with a face carved onto its side, he admitted it was one of the most mysterious pieces he'd ever seen.

He said: "This must be one of the most enigmatic stone carvings I've ever come across. Where did you get this?" The woman who introduced the item said: "I dug him up in my back garden.

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"I was digging drains and happened to dig down and hit the stone and I pulled him out. I cleaned him up and wondered if he was an old garden ornament but the more I cleaned I wasn't sure."

Adam said: "He's got a very primitive nose and those eyes are spectacular and very reminiscent of a Celtic style. I think to myself here, in Northern Ireland, where the Celtcs' stoneheads like this go back more than 2,000 years, the style of this one is second or third century AD."

The peculiar rock dating back centuries
The peculiar rock dating back centuries -Credit:BBC

The woman explained she had a local archaeologist examine the stone but he only confirmed that it was old with little more detail. Adam said it would be difficult to determine the exact age of the item because it wasn't discovered in an "archaeological context" and in the woman's yard instead.

Adam concluded the stone would generate at least £3,000 if taken to auction. The woman was pleasantly surprised at the item's value as she said: "Wow, that's brilliant."

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