'BBC Breakfast' presenter Jon Kay pooed on by bird live on air

Watch: BBC Breakfast host Jon Kay hit by bird poo live on air

New BBC Breakfast host Jon Kay appealed for cleaning tips after he was pooed on by a pigeon live on air.

The 52-year-old TV presenter - who only took over from Dan Walker as co-host of the morning show at the beginning of July - was broadcasting live from outdoors in Cambridge wearing a beige linen suit as he reported on the UK's record heatwave.

Kay asked weather presenter Carol Kirkwood: "Carol, have you got any tips for removing bird poo from linen jackets? Because I’ve just been splatted by a pigeon…"

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The 59-year-old meteorologist laughed as she suggested: "Try one of these wet wipes things, it might spread it a wee bit, but if you use a few…"

Jon Kay is the host of BBC Breakfast. (BBC)
Jon Kay is the host of BBC Breakfast. (BBC)

As he dabbed hesitantly at his jacked collar, he said: "It could get messy couldn’t it? I’m slightly anxious about doing this. I’ve also got another jacket – maybe we’ll go for that option for now and hit the the dry cleaners a bit later."

He added: “I’m going off to dab my jacket and will try get that sorted, in the meantime, I’m just glad it wasn’t a swan, to be honest, it was just a pigeon.”

Carol Kirkwood
Carol Kirkwood gave Kay tips on removing the bird poo from his jacket. (Getty Images)

From the studio, presenter Nina Warhurst pointed out that being struck by bird excrement is considered to be good luck, although she conceded that for Kay it might not feel like it.

When he next appeared on screen Kay had changed into a black suit jacket.

The TV presenter may be due a run of good luck.

He missed his first day presenting BBC Breakfast after catching COVID-19.

Just a week after being confirmed as Dan Walker's replacement to co-host alongside Sally Nugent, Kay tested positive for the virus.

Jon Kay and Sally Nugent present BBC Breakfast. (BBC)
Jon Kay and Sally Nugent present BBC Breakfast. (BBC)

Alongside a picture of his positive test, Kay wrote on Twitter: "Aaaagh! Finally got me Gutted not to be able to start the new job officially @BBCBreakfast on Monday."

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Walker responded: "Oh no Jon! Hope you feel ok".

Walker left the BBC show in May after 13 years working at the BBC, to host Channel 5's 5pm news programme.

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