BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood sparks health concerns among fans after return

BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood has finally returned to screens this week after being absent all of last week.

However, the weather presenter's comeback has sparked concerns amongst viewers as some noted that Carol appeared to still be under the weather.

The 61-year-old was nowhere to be seen on the programme last week with fellow meteorologists Matt Taylor and Sarah Keith-Lucas filling her shoes while she was away.

Carol made her return to the BBC show on Monday April 22 with viewers instantly flocking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their delight at seeing the TV star back on their screens.

However, many also pointed out that Carol's voice still sounds 'croaky', the Mirror reports.

Jon Kay, Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood
Viewers are concerned that Carol may still be struggling as she was off sick last week -Credit:BBC TV Screengrab

One viewer tweeted: "Good morning. You sounded a little croaky this morning. Hope you OK."

Another said: "Someone please give Carol a throat sweet, she sounds terrible."

Meanwhile, someone else quipped: "Carol sounds like she's been on a mad one all weekend. This woman needs a lemsip."

Carol seems to have been struggling with her voice now for a number of weeks after she previously complained that she was losing her voice while on the show.

The BBC Breakfast star's poor health comes after she recently confessed that she had been left "devastated" after her split from her first husband Jimmy Kirkwood.

The weather presenter opened up about her failed marriage on Kaye Adam's podcast 'How to Be 60' as she was asked about the most difficult year in her life so far.

Carol tied the knot with well-known Irish cricket player Jimmy when she was 28-years-old and starting her career at the BBC.

However, she has never disclosed the reason why they decided to go their separate ways.

When asked by Kaye about her divorce on the podcast, Carol explained that she "didn't expect" it to happen.

BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood begs 'move on' after co-star on air spat
Carol Kirkwood has returned to BBC Breakfast screens after being absent for a week -Credit:BBC TV Screengrab

She said that it was "devastating" at the time but it eventually turned into "better things".

Carol said: "Probably the year I got divorced, I didn't expect that to happen and it was shocking. It was pretty devastating at the time, but it led to better things after that.

"I think that was probably the hardest year, that or when my dad died. I was very close to my dad and he died when I was quite young and he was the apple of my eye so either of these two. For different reasons."

Carol is now happily remarried to Steve Randall whom she met at an event she attended with Steph McGovern.

Carol and Steve got engaged in 2022 and had a small wedding last year in Buckinghamshire.

After returning to work as a newlywed, Carol said she wouldn't change a thing about their special day.

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