BBC's Clive Myrie 'involved in armoured vehicle crash while filming in Ukraine'

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Clive Myrie
Clive Myrie is said to have been involved in a crash in Ukraine last month. (BBC)

Clive Myrie has reportedly been involved in an armoured vehicle crash in Ukraine where his vehicle is said to have overturned.

The BBC News reporter was travelling in the vehicle while filming in the war zone last month according to The Times, and is thought to have hurt his head.

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However, Myrie, 57, has not spoken about the crash and has since been seen back on BBC News in London, as well as fronting the BBC Proms coverage, with no obvious injuries.

A BBC cameraman who is said to have been filming a documentary in Ukraine with Myrie was also in the vehicle, but is thought to have suffered more serious injuries and is still in hospital.

Clive Myrie
Clive Myrie has been reporting from Ukraine regularly since February. (PA)

The BBC said: "A BBC team in Ukraine was involved in a road traffic accident in early June. There is currently no evidence that this was in any way connected to military action.

"One member of the team remains in hospital and the BBC is providing support to them and their family."

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Myrie has won praise for his reports from Ukraine since the conflict with Russia began, updating BBC viewers from Kyiv as shots could be heard firing nearby in live reports.

The seasoned war reporter previously told The Big Issue about penning a goodbye letter to his family while working in Iraq.

Clive Myrie on Mastermind
Clive Myrie also presents Mastermind. (BBC)

He said: "It’s interesting talking to soldiers, and to those who do go into battle. You never ever think, really consciously, that you’re going to be the one who gets shot or blown up or killed. Something has to present itself to you that makes it clear that you could be the one.

"So for instance, when I was embedded with the Royal Marines going into Iraq in 2003, we all had to write goodbye letters to our families, a sort of last will and testament I suppose. Just in case we didn’t come back.

"That process, saying goodbye in letter form, does remind you that you might not get back."

Myrie was recently handed a large BBC payrise, jumping from between £205,000 and £209,999 to between £255,000 and £259,000 over the last 12 months as a reflection of his work hosting Mastermind and reporting from Ukraine.

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