BBC Countryfile star Anita Rani issues 'correction' after 'raging feminist' interview

-Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
-Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Countryfile star Anita Rani was praised by fans after issuing a 'correction' to an interview where she had spoken about feminism. The BBC TV presenter, also known for shows such as Four Rooms and Aldi's Next Big Thing, shared a quote from her interview with Good Housekeeping and edited it for fans.

The quote read: "I don't think I am at a place of peace with it. I don't want to sound like an angry, raging feminist, but I won't deny that I'm angry.

"I'm a very happy, optimistic person fuelled by rage! I grew up in a [culture] where men and women were treated very differently and I could see the inequality everywhere around me. But when you have something to fight against, it really empowers you. It's like a fire inside that drives you."

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Anita captioned the post: "Whenever I do an interview I always worry about what i’ve said. Or i think of something I could have said after the event.

"But now we have social media to say what we really mean or to correct things. Take this snippet from my recent @goodhousekeepinguk interview with the lovely @nathaliewhittle What i really meant to say was I AM an angry raging feminist and couldn’t give two hooti tooti’s whether i come across as one or not.

"I am. Fuelled by rage, powered by optimism, live with joy in my heart. Thank you #wildwoman #shakti."

Her fans and friends rushed to praise her. One wrote: "From one angry, raging feminist to another; you rock." Another said: "It's so important to call out the patriarchal structures and constraints put upon much to be angry about! Solidarity to you."