BBC EastEnders fans predict major twist after spotting six-word clue

EastEnders is lining up explosive scenes next week with a slew of dramatic storylines
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EastEnders fans are predicting a significant DNA shocker for the Mitchell family. Last week, Walford welcomed three new members of the clan - Teddy Mitchell and his sons Harry and Barney.

Teddy is the offspring of Stevie, who made his first appearance on screen in January, seeking to mend fences with his estranged son Billy Mitchell, reports OK! Magazine.

Billy was raised in care from the age of 10 after Stevie gained sole custody of his brother Charlie, with the pair last seeing each other off-screen over a quarter of a century ago. Fast forward to the present day, and Stevie has resurfaced, revealing he has a secret family - a son and two grandsons, who soon made their way to Walford.

In a shocking revelation last week on the BBC soap, Stevie confessed to the Mitchell family that Billy and Teddy are half-brothers, the result of a past affair.

However, the episode ended on a suspicious note when Teddy confronted his father, questioning why he had described his mother as just a fling and warning him: "Whatever you're hiding, it'll come out in the end."

EastEnders fans are convinced they've rumbled a new DNA twist involving Billy Mitchell amid the arrival of his new secret family
EastEnders fans are convinced they've rumbled a new DNA twist involving Billy Mitchell -Credit:BBC

Fans' suspicions were further aroused after Monday's episode. During a cafe scene, Teddy met with Billy, Honey, Stevie and Phil, and keen to get to know his newfound family better, Teddy asked Phil about some Wimbledon tickets he had mentioned earlier.

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Phil was reluctant to engage in conversation with Teddy and promptly exited the room. Stevie, who had been observing the situation, berated Teddy as he took a seat.

"I'm trying to build bridges here son, so if you're worried about me, don't burn them down!" He declared. Then, seemingly hinting at a significant DNA revelation, Stevie added: "It ain't just Billy who's blood."

Viewers were quick to speculate on Stevie's 'revelation' - suggesting that Billy and Phil might actually be brothers rather than cousins. This would mean that Phil's son Ben and Billy's granddaughter Lola, who have a daughter together, Lexi, are second cousins.

On Twitter, one user commented: "Oh don't you even dare #EastEnders... #EricWho #LexisIncestIncrease." Another person chimed in: "So they're potentially making Phil Grant and Sam Billy's half sib?!!" A third speculated: "It's gonna be Phil isn't if ffs."

Yet another viewer added their thoughts: "It's all complicated and inbred lol." A fifth disgruntled fan posted: "omg please say sike this AINT it quit messing with soap history ffs."

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