BBC EastEnders star makes huge career comeback following health scare

bobby davro
Bobby Davro suffered a terrifying health scare -Credit:ITV

Former EastEnders star Bobby Davro is set to make a showbiz comeback after being out of the spotlight since January.

The actor, who played Vinnie Monks in the BBC One soap, suffered a health scare earlier this year and has been recovering at home over the past four months following a hospital stay.

Bobby, 65, is now ready to return to the spotlight and will be taking to the stage with a new comedy set at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The show, titled Everything Is Funny If You Can Laugh At It, is scheduled to run from August 2, until the end of the month, August 25 according to reports in OK! Magazine.

"With the laughter still ringing in my ears from the couple of Edinburgh gigs I did last Summer, I thought I'd come back and do the full run this year. I hope to prove two things – you're never too old for a good gag and everything is funny if you can laugh at it."

Bobby Davro lost his fiancee Vicky Wright last year to cancer
Bobby Davro lost his fiancee Vicky Wright last year to cancer -Credit:Getty Images

"So if you like to laugh, come along - and don't forget, if you're on the frontline, you're in the punchline! See you in August!'" Bobby said.

The 65-year-old actor suffered a minor stroke after fainting at a comedy show in January. He has admitted the health scare was a "wake up call" as doctors informed him his blood pressure was dangerously high and the stroke left him slurring.

Earlier this year in January he collapsed at South London’s Coulsdon Comedy club right after his performance that had the audience on their feet. The EastEnders star then cancelled all of his public appearances following this event.

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Following his health troubles is the tragic loss of his long-term love, Vicky Wright, the daughter of the late football legend, Billy Wright, in May 2023 due to pancreatic cancer.

In September, he recalled Vicky's resilience during her fight with cancer and how it impacted his professional life. He said on TalkTV: "It was very difficult, it cost me my pantomime career," detailing the struggles he grappled with while attempting to balance work and caring for Vicky.

"I was late twice and I didn't miss one show and I worked probably better than I had ever worked before because I needed that, that's my medicine - making people laugh, getting out there and working. I need that, when I am not working it upsets me. It was painful for me not to receive the support from my work area, they didn't support me at all," he noted.

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