BBC Garden Rescue star Lee Burkhill issues warning over his new look amid Charlie Dimmock bra row

Lee Burkhill on Garden Rescue
Lee Burkhill on Garden Rescue -Credit:BBC

BBC Garden Rescue's Lee Burkhill has sounded a note of caution to fans of the popular BBC One show, referencing a controversy surrounding co-star Charlie Dimmock's decision not to wear a bra.

The tattooed horticulturalist, affectionately dubbed 'the garden ninja', has garnered a legion of followers with his striking garden makeovers nationwide, alongside the renowned Charlie Dimmock. However, Lee has felt compelled to address viewers ahead of the new series, issuing a pre-emptive warning as he anticipates backlash over his own sartorial selections.

He alluded to the past furore that arose when Charlie Dimmock opted to go bra-less during her time on Ground Force. Lee Burkhill remarked: "Guess what's back ninjas. VESTS! Haterz be warned. The weather's fine so out come the skinny boy tattooed arms! All shapes and sizes welcome at Garden Ninja! ", reports the Express.

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"I bet [Charlie] Dimmock back in the day never got as much stick... oh wait? ? ".

"So here we go with the next season of Garden Rescue. With an assortment of sleeveless delectations for you all! ".

Supporters rallied behind Lee, asserting that both he and Charlie should have the freedom to dress as they please.

Charlie Dimmock during the Ground Force years
Charlie Dimmock during the Ground Force years -Credit:Birmingham Mail and Post/Mirror

@gillwhiteman60 commented: "I'm old enough to remember Charlie...on telly and the horror it generated. It's hilarious that your arms are attracting the same level of pearl clutching, wear that like a badge of honour! ".

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@janereid77 posted: "I don't know what's more entertaining, the gardens you design or the following debacle from haters."

@donnac1013 shared: "Omg, I remember 'bra-gate'. Enjoy the weather."

A fan named @donna_l_george gave her support, commenting: "Haters can do one! Loved Dimmock for her individuality and the practicality! You both rock and keep rocking! ".