BBC Garden Rescue's Lee Burkhill inundated with support after 'horrendous start to year'

Charlie Dimmock and her team.  Would you welcome them in your garden?
Charlie Dimmock and her team. Would you welcome them in your garden? -Credit:John Myers

BBC Garden Rescue's Lee Burkhill has opened up about his difficult start to the year in a heartfelt social media post, receiving an outpouring of support from fans. The 41-year-old gardening expert, known as the Garden Ninja, took to Instagram recently to share his personal challenges, admitting that the year hasn't been easy for him so far.

In his post, he included a photo featuring a candle, burning sage, crystals, and a tarot card, giving his followers a glimpse into his coping mechanisms during tough times. Lee candidly spoke about his 'horrendous start to the year' and how he has felt the pressure to work and 'perform', reports the Mirror.

As the latest series of Garden Rescue with Charlie Dimmock airs, Lee chose the Bank Holiday weekend to reflect on the significance of the Six of Wands tarot card and to share his feelings of being overwhelmed. His caption alongside the spiritual items read: "What an interesting bank holiday spread.


"The Stop and Smell the Roses spread I recently uncovered What a gem! I've been feeling rather overwhelmed by work and the pressure to 'perform' recently. (Just saying that makes me feel so much better)."

Lee continued: "Also making me think I may need to also limit my screen time more and pull back a bit from things that don't bring joy. Think after the horrendous start to the year my resilience is running low. Luckily the cards are always there to nudge me in the right direction.

"The main card that keeps jumping out at me the last week is the 6 of Wands. The true stop and smell the roses card. Celebrate achievements and just bask for a while. So with deadlines looming and a never ending inbox I may be on a go slow this week. After all, what's the point in burning out when there's all these roses to sniff? Can any one relate? ".

Fans were quick to empathise and give their advice. One of them opined: "Definitely need to think about what you need Lee. So easy to get into bad habits and realise too late that things aren't doing it for you."

Another fan cautioned, reflecting on personal experience: "Never ignore the signs of a burn-out, I did that twice, and that was not a very wise thing."

"Getting close to overwhelm without realising the damage it does is real. This week especially, because of the new moon, we should remind ourselves that we deserve to be supported and should be open to receiving it," remarked a third.

Another chimed in on coping strategies, stating: "I use the ABC - Acknowledge, Breathe, Consider. You're working that well here." One of Lee's followers issued a word of caution to the star, revealing: "I'm at an age now (63) that I realise that I'm living to work and life is whizzing past me so quickly, it has to change and now before it's too late and I'm gone."

Lee, affectionately referred to as the Garden Ninja, has been a regular on Garden Rescue since it first aired in 2016. The popular daytime programme features him alongside Charlie and other gardening buffs as they vie to revamp the gardens of aspirant homeowners.