BBC Homes Under the Hammer buyer drops £1m on house they've never seen

Martel Maxwell was stunned by Doug's confession
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

In a fascinating Homes Under the Hammer episode on BBC, presenter Martel Maxwell was visibly shocked. Viewers met Doug and his partner Sophie in the programme.

Property developer, craftsman and builder Doug had his sights set on a four-bedroom house located in Brixton.

When the property from the South London area was featured in the auction segment of the BBC show, it carried a guide price of £668,000.

Doug, however, did not hold back, spending an eye-watering £908,000 to make this place their new abode, a significant upgrade from their current one-bedroom flat. Chatting with the BBC presenter, he seemed content with his choice.

"We're going to move in here, a bit of an upgrade from the one-bedroom flat we're in at the moment.", reports the Mirror.

Doug shared with Martel.

But Martel seemed taken aback by the hefty sum and probed further about his decision-making process. She enquired: "I'm guessing you'd viewed it and really knew that you wanted it to commit that amount of money? ".

However, Doug shared a surprising revelation: "We hadn't viewed it. We viewed it from the outside! I only knew about it the day before the auction," adding, "I definitely wouldn't recommend not viewing it but..." To which Martel responded with surprise: "It's funny isn't it, committing almost £1m without seeing it.."

Despite having found some unexpected roofing issues, Doug appeared undeterred by his purchase.

However, Doug, who is not a stranger to hard work given his varied professions, stated that it would take much to ruffle his feathers. The host of the show informed viewers that the couple made a 'monumental risk' by purchasing a house without proper viewing.

Martel remarked: "And nearly a million quid, I think that's the most egregious breaking of our Hammer golden rule yet."

Despite the upheaval, Doug and his wife decided to live in the Victorian fixer-upper while the renovations took place, with Doug taking on much of the work himself. After around 18 months and approximately £75,000 spent, they completed the transformation.

Their considerable efforts seemed worthwhile when a property expert valued their house at an impressive £1.5m. Nonetheless, Doug admitted that due to "changes in working from home", they are contemplating selling the much-improved abode.