BBC Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts sparks concern with emotional post

Martin has had a couple of near-death experiences
Martin has had a couple of near-death experiences -Credit:martinrobertstv / Instagram

BBC Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts has raised concerns among his followers after he posted a deeply personal message online, revealing that he is 'clinging on'.

The beloved TV host, famed for his role on the hit property series, opened up on Twitter about his current struggles. This worrying update follows a tumultuous period for the 60-year-old, who previously disclosed a near-fatal health scare.

In 2022, Martin underwent an urgent surgical procedure to address a life-threatening heart condition that had been initially overlooked by medical professionals. He suffered from chest pains due to an enlarged pericardium – the protective sac around the heart – which led to a dangerous accumulation of fluid.

The build-up exerted critical pressure on his heart, prompting an emergency dash to the hospital. Reflecting on the incident, Martin told the Mirror that the perilous situation had been missed by doctors.

"I had a problem with my heart that hadn't been noticed," he shared with The Sun. "The sack around my heart had expanded and was putting pressure on the heart. I had less than a few hours to live.

Martin Roberts
Martin Roberts is known for appearing on the hit BBC show -Credit:BBC

"I was rushed into hospital and had an emergency operation where they stabbed a tube into the sack around the heart and drew a litre and a half of fluid." He also mentioned that if circumstances had been different, he might not have survived.

In 2023, Martin experienced a heartbreaking personal loss when his father passed away at the age of 90. He shared with his followers: "My dad died yesterday. He was 90 and he had a great life and he died peacefully, he died at home and he wasn't in pain so that's great but it doesn't... well it does help but it doesn't help right now.

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"The loss of a parent is something we all have to deal with and there are much worse losses I know, the loss of a child and stuff like that.

"But right now I feel really alone and horrible. So any words you've got would be appreciated," Martin said as tears could be seen rolling down his face."

Martin has since taken to Twitter to share a heartfelt post as fans rushed to console him. At around 11pm on Tuesday May 14, he wrote: "Does anyone else feel vaguely reassured in a world of chaos and uncertainty, that weebles wobble, but they don't fall down?."

Shortly after, he followed this up with another post which read: "If you're trying to read deep and meaningful stuff in to my weeble tweet, don't. I'm just a) tired and emotional and b) struggling to grasp the complexities of everything and clinging on to childhood simplicities. All that matters is they don't. Fall down."

Worried fans quickly filled the comments section to send Martin their love and support. One fan asked: "Good evening to you Martin are you alright ?," to which he responded: "Big thank you for checking."

Other supporters also chimed in with words of encouragement. One woman offered some sage advice from her past: "An old lady once said to me 'Life can be tough at times, but then, if it wasn't, how would you ever know when you've got it good' She didn't actually say 'Tough', she was more to the point than that."

Another responded sympathetically: "Hi Martin it's been hard for you. All I can say is try and keep strong for you and your families sake . You will get there, grief is awful , keep busy and get out in the fresh air as much as possible you will work through everything."

Meanwhile, another fan compared the resilience needed to weebles toys, remarking: "I think the weebles are a great analogy. Continue to bounce back up...and I think if you put a few weebles together they fall over less. Mind you, I look more like a weeble these days."

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