BBC Morning Live's Gethin Jones baffled as co-host makes wedding admission

Michelle Ackerley and Gethin Jones on BBC Morning Live -Credit:BBC
Michelle Ackerley and Gethin Jones on BBC Morning Live -Credit:BBC

BBC Morning Live presenter Gethin Jones opened the show on Thursday, May 16 with exciting news for viewers. The Welsh star revealed his co-host Michelle Ackerley would be presenting the programme for the last time in a while as she was getting married.

Speaking to the studio and audience at home, Gethin said: "We are going to make the most of Michelle because it's the last time we're going to see you before you get married to lovely Ben," the crew then started clapping and cheering which led Gethin to jokingly add: "They haven't done it yet, there's still time, when is the big day?"

"We get married next Friday," Michelle shared beaming, leading co-star Dr Ranj to ask if Michelle's mum Mavis, who often appears on Morning Live, had bought her hat. "Mavis hasn't got a hat yet, she's actually coming into town after the programme so we're going to have a little look in Manchester," Michelle said, adding: "I don't know if she's going to wear a hat."

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"She's the mother of the bride she has to have a hat," Ranj replied. However, Michelle then surprised Gethin and the team by revealing, rather refreshingly, that not only did Mavis not have her hat sorted, but she also hadn't chosen a wedding song and was considering changing her dress. After Neil Jones, who does the show's Strictly Fitness segment, asked about the first dance, Michelle admitted: "I haven't got a wedding dance yet, I'm just going to feel the music and see what happens. Maybe you could teach me a dance?"

Baffled, Gethin asked: "You haven't got a dance, Maeve hasn't got a hat, you're leaving it all a bit late aren't you?" To which Michelle responded: "And I think I'm going to change my dress as well."

BBC Morning Live's Michelle Ackerley with fiance Ben before wedding -Credit:BBC
BBC Morning Live's Michelle Ackerley with fiance Ben before wedding -Credit:BBC

"She loves the stress," Gethin pointed out before co-star Rav Wilding interjected and said: "So when we did Crimewatch you hadn't planned anything and now you still haven't. Nothing's changed."

One thing Michelle did confirm was that the nuptials would be full of fun. Morning Live's chef Yvonne Cobb asked: "What about any family traditions are you going to have anything old, new, borrowed, and blue?"

Michelle replied: "One of the biggest traditions in our family is just having a party and a big dance, there'll be a lot of dancing." Ending the conversation with a sweet note to his co-star and friend, Gethin told Michelle: "Ben's an absolutely brilliant bloke as well, it's going to be lovely lovely." You can keep up to date with the latest TV and showbiz news by signing up to the newsletter here.