BBC One's Shetland continues to impress viewers

Megan Davies
Photo credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

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BBC One's gripping crime drama Shetland returned with a shocking twist last week, and episode two soon proved that it didn't put all of its drama in the premiere.

After ending last week with recently-acquitted Thomas Malone (Stephen Walters) being dragged off and buried alive, the six-part drama picked up tonight (February 20) with Malone dragging himself out of the would-be grave with a few secrets he's keeping close to his chest.

As the police begin the hunt for Malone's attacker, it soon emerges that Malone seems to know who is responsible, but doesn't seem to want to share the information.

Photo credit: BBC/ITV Studios/Mark Mainz

As the investigation into local journalist Sally McColl's murder continues, Perez and Rhona start to suspect that the energy company is responsible for covering up corporate manslaughter, making them their strongest lead in the case.

But, when DNA testing into the Lizzie Kilmuir murder that Malone was convicted of 23 years before reveals yet more questions about the case, it wasn't long before viewers started sharing their own theories online:

Right before the episode delivered another gripping final twist to keep viewers guessing until next week: