BBC viewers praise Clive Myrie for his handling of Huw Edwards story

The broadcaster addressed the story on the News at Ten

Watch: Clive Myrie shares Huw Edwards story on BBC News at Ten

BBC viewers are convinced that Clive Myrie appeared tearful as he reported on Huw Edwards being named as the BBC presenter at the centre of the recent scandal.

The broadcaster covered the story on the BBC’s News At Ten on Wednesday, 12 July.

Looking sombre, he explained that Edwards had been named as the presenter alleged to have paid thousands to a young person in exchange for sexual pictures.

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Many people tuning in praised Myrie's presenting as he looked emotional delivering the news about Edwards, who is the highest paid News presenter on the taxpayer-funded BBC.

Clive Myrie presenting News at Ten (BBC)
Clive Myrie presenting News at Ten (BBC)

“Clive Myrie looked upset reporting about Huw Edwards,” one posted on Twitter.

“I'm sure I saw tears in Clive Myrie's eyes tonight,” said someone else.

“It must have been so hard for him.”

“Poor Clive Myrie reporting with tears in his eyes,” said another viewer,

Huw Edwards has anchored the BBC's flagship 10pm news broadcast since 2003. (Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)
Huw Edwards has anchored the BBC's flagship 10pm news broadcast since 2003. (Getty Images) (BBC News & Current Affairs via G)

“Clive Myrie putting a strong face on #bbcnews,” commented another viewer.

“I can see the tears in the corner of his eyes. Thinking of the BBC News team tonight.”

It isn’t the first time that Myrie has appeared to be emotional while reading the news.

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Last year he seemed to shed a tear while reporting on Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

The 58-year-old was reporting live from Kyiv and a tear appeared to roll down his cheek.

He later said on the Behind The Headlines podcast: “The wind blew across my face and through my eyes and a single tear came out.

"So I’m not saying that I was crying for Ukraine, because the wind was blowing. What I will say is that it was an emotional day, and that’s it.”

File photo dated 27/01/2020 of BBC newsreader Huw Edwards speaking during the UK Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Ceremony at Central Hall in Westminster, London. Edwards has been named by his wife Vicky Flind as the BBC presenter suspended following allegations that he paid a teenager tens of thousands of pounds for sexually explicit images in a statement issued on his behalf. The Metropolitan Police has said no criminal offence has been committed by the presenter. Issue date: Wednesday July 12, 2023.
Huw Edwards has been revealed to be the previously unnamed BBC presenter. (PA Images/Alamy) (Chris Jackson, PA Images)

On Wednesday, Edwards was named as the BBC presenter accused by The Sun of paying a young person, now aged 20, for sexual images.

The newspaper’s initial report published on 7 July suggested that this had started when the individual was 17 - a potentially serious criminal offence, leading the BBC to launch an investigation into its handling of a complaint that was initially raised by the parents of the person in May.

Reports have raised questions over whether the BBC dealt with the issue appropriately.

The police has since said no criminal act took place.

The Sun subsequently claimed its initial report did not allege any criminality had taken place, a stance that has been criticised by many commentators who have suggested the newspaper could face the prospect of legal action.

Edwards was named when his wife Vicky Flind confirmed in a statement that he was the BBC presenter.

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She said he was admitted to hospital and was “suffering from serious mental health issues” amid the fallout and that “once well enough to do so, he intends to respond to the stories that have been published”.

Watch: BBC's Huw Edwards is named in sex photo scandal