BBC Weather 'confirms' mini-heatwave for London as temperatures are set to be 'higher than average'

London is set to reach temperatures of over 21 degrees for three days in a row, according to BBC Weather. By 3pm on Sunday (May 19), temperatures are set to hit 24 degrees in London, hotter than the rest of the UK.

During today's instalment of BBC Breakfast, meteorologist Matt Taylor was in the studio to give viewers a glimpse at the weather for Sunday and the start of next week. He said: "Today, the warmest conditions with the sunshine will be across some counties of England and Wales, 25 celsius.

"Today the hottest conditions to the south of the UK. We have got that mist and for around some of the coast. Low cloud to the south clearing in the next few hours."

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On Tuesday afternoon London will feel temperatures on 21 degrees
On Tuesday afternoon London will feel temperatures on 21 degrees -Credit:BBC

Although Monday in London is set to be a milder morning hitting only nine degrees, it later warms up by the afternoon hitting 21 degrees by 4pm.

On Tuesday (May 21), there are expected to be some changes to conditions in Scotland and Northern Ireland but London will once again hit 21 degrees by the afternoon.

"Some persistent rain getting very close to the southeast corner later in the day", Matt said, "But still the sun is shining and will feel quite warm with temperatures above where we would normally be at this stage in May."

According to the Met Office, the warmest temperature in London for Sunday will hit 23 degrees at 2pm and last until 6pm when it drops to 22 degrees. Although by 10pm, it will still be 17 degrees.

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