BBC WM presenter nearly killed as she is forced to run for her life

BBC WM presenter Mollie Green
BBC WM presenter Mollie Green -Credit:BBC WM

A BBC WM presenter ran for her life as she darted a tree branch which fell to the ground at the spot where she was standing seconds earlier yesterday (May 12). Presenter Mollie Green told Radio WM listeners this morning (May 13) that it would have been "game over" if she didn't run forward after hearing a cracking sound above her head.

BirminghamLive reported the incident happened as she was walking her dogs in the woods.

She said on air: "I'm very grateful to be with you today. We had a rumble of thunder at about 7.30 last night.

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"I was in the woods with the dogs giving them a last walk. It had gone black over Bill's mother's, it was still so beautifully warm, with no sleeves.

"I could hear the thunder coming. The atmosphere had changed.

"We had had a few spits of rain. The dogs were off the lead just in front of me.

"I heard the biggest crack from above. I'm a wood widow, my husband works in wood so I knew exactly what was about to happen.

"Something was about to fall. Because I'm in a wood I don't know which tree is making that noise.

"You've got a split-second decision to make - do I run forwards or backwards. Dear God and the splitting sound is so frightening. I ran forward, thank God the dogs came with me.

"The biggest bough came down and landed where I was about two seconds after I'd left that spot. I stood and stared at it for three, four, five minutes. I thought: 'Oh my God that was close'.

"This thing was maybe 2ft wide. If that had landed on me or the dogs, that's it, game over. What a near-miss, very pleased to be with you."

Mollie, who used to have a regular weekend slot on BBC Radio WM now sits in for other presenters. She was covering regular host Kath Stanczyszyn's 10am to 2pm show today.

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