The lost Coventry rail station that left no trace it ever existed

It used to be  located at the railway line bridge over Woodshires Road
It used to be located at the railway line bridge over Woodshires Road -Credit:Google Street map

With HS2 works ongoing in our area and the promise of better rail connections, we have taken a look back at the old stations we have lost in our region.

Some of them have little or no trace of them ever existing, one of them being the Longford and Exhall Railway Station. It opened on the Nuneaton to Coventry line back in 1850.

Unlike some of the others locally, it only served passenger traffic, rather than commercial goods. As it suggests, it served the Longford and Exhall areas of the city.

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But, just before what would have been its 100th birthday, the station became the first station on the line to close. It last took passengers in May 1949.

Fast forward more than half a century and it is as if the station never existed. There are no remains of it, unlike other stations in the area which still have their old signal boxes or station's master's house.

But history tells us that it was located at the railway line bridge over Woodshires Road. However, while the station has long been lost, the area that it did serve does now have a station - the Coventry Arena station.

This station, which sits between Foleshill, and Longford and Exhall, opened in 2016. It is linked by other new stations at Bermuda in Nuneaton.

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