Bear Chases Skier at Resort in Transylvania

A skier at a resort in Predeal, a mountain resort town in Transylvania, Romania, had a terrifying reason to speed downhill as a bear chased him through the snow on Saturday, January 23.

Video captured by fellow skier Rares Capitan, who was on a chairlift at the time, shows the bear running after the skier as people yell to warn him.

The skier was able to get away from the animal after throwing his backpack on the ground to distract it, according to reports.

Capitan said, “In the end, a team of rescuers arrived on a snowmobile, making very loud noises. So the bear got scared and ran away. They promised they will investigate the situation, search for the bear, and relocate it into a safer area.” Credit: Rares Capitan via Storyful