‘The Bear’ Season 3 Reveals June Release Date in New Teaser | Video

Carmy is out of the freezer and back in the kitchen for Season 3 of “The Bear.” And, thanks to a new teaser, we now know it’ll premiere on June 27.

Series star Jeremy Allen White posted the clip to his Instagram Thursday morning, and you can watch it below.

With that said, the teaser doesn’t give anything away in terms of what the story will be or where it picks up. Instead, we just see Carmy (White) enter the kitchen of his new restaurant The Bear — presumably after its successful opening — at 3 a.m.

Setting down his notebook and his knives, the chef seems ready to think up new dishes for his restaurant.

“The Bear” is currently filming in Chicago, though it’s unclear whether they’re still on Season 3 episodes or have moved on to Season 4. Back in March, it was reported that the show would film a yet-to-be-officially-announced fourth season back-to-back with the third.

According to FX, the third season will follow Carmy and his friends as “they do what it takes to elevate The Bear … to the highest level, all while doing their best just to stay in business. It’s a losing battle every single day in the restaurant business. Carmy pushes himself harder than ever, and demands excellence from his crew, who do their best to match his intensity.”

The first two seasons of “The Bear” are available to stream on Hulu.

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