The Bear Season 3 Trailer Reveals The Road To A Michelin Star Won't Be Easy

Jeremy Allen White at event
Jeremy Allen White at event - Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

"The Bear" has been the talk of the television scene in recent years, both critically and among viewers. There is certainly a great deal of buzz around the highly anticipated third season, as audiences are eager to know how Carmy Berzatto's (Jeremy Allen White) business and culinary journey of renovating and reopening his restaurant, The Bear, has been going. The trailer for the third season just dropped, and it shed light on some of this. Carmy is shooting for Michelin stars in this new chapter: "We're gonna get a star."

At the end of the chaotic Season 2 of "The Bear," audiences were left off with the new restaurant opening for friends and family night. The pressure was on to perform well, but things couldn't have gone any worse for Carmy. He got stuck in the walk-in freezer, leaving the outcome of the night up to the rest of the team. Was this messy opening a tell-tale sign of the restaurant's future, or will The Bear find its stride and receive a well-deserved Michelin star? Audiences can tune in to Hulu on June 27 to find out. You could even throw a Season 3 watch party with Chicago-style foods for a delicious, on-theme viewing experience.

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Carmy Is Increasing His Standards

The trailer indicates that the stressful, tension-filled kitchen dynamics viewers have grown to love will continue into the third season. More broken glasses, physical altercations, and yelling are in store as Carmy appears to be pushing the team to increase the restaurant standards and their work ethic. In the trailer, he introduces a concept of "non-negotiables," a list of rules the team will function on that include "constantly evolve through creativity" and "vibrant collaboration." Speaking of collaboration, this season will introduce a new level of business and creative collaboration between Carmy and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri). In the trailer, Carmy extends a partnership agreement for Sydney to sign, with the hopes that the two can push each other.

In real life, The Bear would be considered a unicorn in the restaurant industry, but that only makes us root for its fictional success even more. The pursuit of a Michelin star is ambitious -- awarded only to the very best restaurants in the world -- but maybe Carmy's new "non-negotiables" and co-leadership with Sydney can kick the restaurant into action. Carmy is striving for a "different kind of restaurant," and, by the way, with a menu that changes every day. This is something restaurant critics are bound to drool over, but we have to wonder: Will the team be able to keep up?

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