Can you beat the Halloween Google Doodle? Here’s how to play and the rules

The Great Ghoul Duel is back for one day only (Google)
The Great Ghoul Duel is back for one day only (Google)

Today, Google is marking Halloween by bringing back its beloved interactive game for the October 31 doodle.

Called Great Ghoul Duel, the multiplayer game sees players around the globe come together to create a team of four.

The two teams, coloured green and purple, then go head to head trying to collect the most spirit flames before the moon is gone.

In the competition, the aim is for each team to return the most flames to their homebase before the time runs out and without the rival team stealing their flames.

Teams can steal each other’s flames by finding them around the map and catching the tail of their flames, which makes the flames join their tail instead.

The more flames you carry, the slower you get, making you vulnerable to rivals stealing your gains. So, make sure to visit your homebase every now and then to secure your flames and remain speedy.

Players can either join a group of randomised players around the globe or host their own game with up to seven others.

If you choose to host a game, you’ll be given a custom invitation link to send to your friends and family, which will let them join your specific game.

Gamers get to explore one of the several spooky maps and characters in each game.

The green team’s characters are Sage, Kelly, Olive, Emerald, Moss and Jade.

The purple team have Mauve, Plum, Periwinkle, Iris, Mulberry and Amethyst.

You move your character around by either using your mouse and clicking in the direction you want them to go, or pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.

At the end of the two-minute competition, the team which retrieved the most flames wins.

As with all doodles, this delightful Halloween game will be no more when the day ends. So, play it as much as you can today.