'Beatriz at Dinner' Exclusive Clip: Salma Hayek and John Lithgow Serve Up an Awkward Conversation

Many households enforce a strict “no politics” rule when it comes to dinner table chatter. That’s why some moviegoers might find themselves squirming uncomfortably during the new film Beatriz at Dinner, which unfolds at a lavish California dinner party where politics are definitely on the menu. In the Yahoo Movies exclusive clip above, for example, Mexico-born dinner guest Beatriz (Salma Hayek) is regaling the group with tales of her early years in America, when wealthy tycoon Doug (John Lithgow) pipes up and makes her immigration status a topic of conversation. And he continues to not-so-gently press the issue even as the reaction from everyone else around the table ranges from annoyance to embarrassment.

This exchange is par for the course in Beatriz at Dinner, the latest collaboration between screenwriter Mike White and director Miguel Arteta, who previously teamed up for Chuck & Buck and The Good Girl. Like those films, Beatriz, which opens in theaters on June 9, possesses a darkly comic bite that exposes the foibles and frailties of human behavior. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January (where it made our “Best of the Fest” list), and feels even more timely now in light of the ongoing immigration debate and class divide that have been highlighted in the early months of the Donald Trump presidency. (More than a few Sundance critics noted that Lithgow’s Doug is a kind of Trump-ian figure.) In other words, expect Beatriz at Dinner to serve as fodder for lots of dinnertime conversation.

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