Beautiful people are more likely to have shorter relationships and get divorced, study shows

Francesca Gillett
Attractive: Actress Angelina Jolie Pitt and husband Brad Pitt announced they were to split last year: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Beautiful people are more likely to get divorced than those who are considered less attractive, a new study has found.

Researchers at Harvard studied how appearance affects the stability and longevity of relationships and found those who are better looking have shorter relationships.

Women were asked to rate the attractiveness of more than 200 men in school leavers books from three decades ago.

The experts then pulled up data showing the men’s marriage and divorce history. The results showed the men who were ranked as more attractive had shorter marriages on average, the Times reported.

The trend was also found when people assessed the attractiveness of 130 celebrities - more beautiful famous people experienced a higher rate of divorce.

Professor Christine Ma-Kellams, the social psychologist leading the research project, launched more studies to discover whether the findings were linked to infidelity and if attractive people were more likely to cheat.

The team found good-looking people with committed partners still found other people attractive, while those considered less good-looking find other people less attractive once they are coupled up.

Professor Ma-Kellams said: “We should be more mindful of the limitations of our own valuation of physical attractiveness.

“Everyone wants it, but depending on your relationship goals it may not be the best predictor of long-lasting relationships.”