Beirut Protesters Perform 'Baby Shark' for Toddler

Protests continued in the streets of Beirut on October 19 as demonstrators called on Lebanon’s government to resign over its handling of an economic crisis.

The protests began over proposed economic reforms that included a tax on calls made via WhatsApp and other apps. The government scrapped the plans after protesters clashed with security forces.

Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Friday that political partners in his national unity government, which includes the Iran-backed Hezbollah group, had a 72-hour deadline to agree on measures aimed at addressing the economic crisis.

Journalists reported that protests on Saturday night were largely peaceful.

Eliane Jabbour said she filmed this footage as she traveled with her son through Beirut on Saturday evening at 7 pm. Jabbour said the crowd spontaneously began singing the viral “Baby Shark” song to her son, adding, “the guys were very nice with us”. Credit: Eliane Jabbour via Storyful