Berlin Zoo Welcomes Newborn Giraffe

A zoo in Berlin has welcomed the arrival of a baby Rothschild giraffe.

Tierpark Berlin said the almost six-foot-tall newborn was “still a little wobbly on its feet, but nonetheless in great shape.”

The baby giraffe was born to 10-year-old Amalka, the zoo said, her fourth calf in all. The new arrival brings to nine the total number of giraffes at the zoo.

Rothschild giraffes are endangered, with only 1,400 remaining in the wild, the zoo said.

The zoo’s mammal curator Maren Siebert said, “Rothschild giraffes are threatened in their native Kenya and Uganda, primarily by illegal hunting and the expansion of agriculture.”

“The fragmentation and destruction of habitats has also led to the Rothschild giraffe being eradicated in almost its entire former range,” Siebert said. Credit: Tierpark Berlin via Storyful