Best Black Friday TV deals 2020: UK offers on Samsung, LG and more in the sales OLD

Ellie Davis
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Tech fans rejoice, Black Friday is here and the deals are in.

From November 27 - 30, the sales event will be in full swing, taking place on the day after Thanksgiving all the way through to Cyber Monday.

Across these four days, shoppers will be able to take advantage of epic reductions on a huge range of items, from fashion, beauty, homeware. But those looking to invest in new gadgets and gizmos are in for a particular treat.

There are tech deals galore - whether you're in the market for a new phone, laptop or a TV.

Think of the Black Friday sales as the perfect occasion to upgrade your dusty old telly or treat yourself to a new screen for another room in the house. With so many epic series and Oscar-worthy films to enjoy, a great TV set is crucial to watch them in all their glory.

You can expect deals on just about every brand: think LG, Hisense, Samsung and many more - as well as in sizes to suit all kinds of spaces. If you're hoping to create an at-home cinema experience to see you through the long winter, check out the latest OLED models which come in an impressive 55"+. However if you're looking for something a bit more modest - under 32", say, - we've got something for you too.

Reinvesting in your entertainment systems doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Shop smart and bag a Black Friday bargain with a TV fitted with innovative features like UHD, 4K, Smart TV and virtual assistants.

Pay close attention as not all television sets are created equal, and there’s a world of difference between a 40-inch TV that normally sells for £500 and one that goes for £3,000. Yes, they’ll both output in 4K resolution, but colour accuracy, response time, panel type, brightness and sound quality will be vastly different. In other words, check the reviews before you buy.

We've scouted the best deals for your viewing pleasure below. From Currys, John Lewis, Amazon, Very and more, here are the very best deals on TVs this Black Friday.

Happy shopping!

Best deals on TVs - 82” and under

If you live by the motto that bigger is better - especially when it comes to your TV - these 82” to 65” varieties are where it’s at. Create an at-home cinema experience or bring the stadium or cinema feel so you can enjoy your favourite films, sport or music, fully immersed in the action. Opt for OLED or 4K to ensure a crystal-clear picture.

Black Friday TV
Black Friday TV

Best deals on TVs - 55”

For those lazy Sunday sessions on the sofa, Deliveroo on the way, you need a telly with serious horsepower to elevate the viewing experience. These 55” ones are more than up to the job. Transport into the world of the film, series or gaming with a superior sound system to match.

Black Friday TV
Black Friday TV

Best deals on TVs - 49" and 50”

Treading that Goldilocks-wire of not too big, not too small, these 50" sets create a cinema-like experience without overpowering your space.

Black Friday TV
Black Friday TV

Best deals on TVs - 43”

For medium-sized spaces, 43” will be just right for your apartment or even your bedroom with all the viewing credentials of the bigger models neatly compacted into a smaller screen. If you’re looking for more affordable devices that still pack an impressive viewing punch - consider the search over.

Black Friday TV
Black Friday TV

Best deals on TVs - 32” and under

Looking for a model for your home office, the kitchen or a spare bedroom? These small but sweet screens will allow you to tune into favourite shows without becoming the focus of the room.

Black Friday TV
Black Friday TV

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