Best golf gloves of 2022 for a firm and comfortable grip

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Have you ever tried swinging a golf club without a golf glove? It’s like playing snooker without chalk, football with a netless goal, cricket without stumps, netball without… you get the picture. Though it’s possible to do all of the above with those missing elements, it makes the experience a whole lot less enjoyable.

Why do you need a golf glove?

The main reason golfers wear gloves is to help them grip the club properly (and to prevent blisters and calluses, of course). If you’re into golf - a reasonable assumption given you’re reading an article about the best golf gloves on the market - you’ve probably played in inclement weather or hot summer evenings. You’ll know, then, that without a glove, your club will likely slip from your wet/sweaty hand like a bar of soap and hurtle across the fairway like a hammer.

That’s why golf gloves, which are often an overlooked piece of kit, are a necessity. Gloves create more friction and stability on the club than the skin on your hand, which prevents irons and drivers from twisting when striking the ball, which could lead to a sub-par golf shot.

How many golf gloves do you need?

Most golfers wear one on their lead hand (often the least dominant). For example, a right-hander will wear a glove on their left hand and a left-hander on their right. Although there have been exceptions, like Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey (Google him).

What should you look for when buying a glove?

Despite what some say, size matters. You don’t want a glove that’s too tight as it will restrict your movement, but if it’s too big, it’ll feel uncomfortable and won’t feel tacky enough on the club’s grip. Ultimately, a golf glove should feel like a second skin.

You will also want to think about the conditions you’ll be playing in most. It’s a good idea to wear rain gloves in winter when it’s tanking down.

Some golfers stick to a brand once they’ve found a glove that fits well, while others stick with the same glove for far too long (not advised) and wonder why their performance isn’t improving.

Below, we outline some of the best golf gloves to help you optimise your game, whether you’re a 28 handicapper or scratch golfer.

Shop the best below

Sounder Golf Glove

Let’s face it. Golf clobber can be ugly with more focus on practicality than style. Fear not, dear reader, Sounder - co-led by the creative director of excellent British clothing brand Folk - is the antithesis of bang-average-looking golf wear.

This glove is no exception. Its sharp, traditional-ish design comes with clever touches, including a well-placed star motif and subtle logo on the strap. It is also made from premium Cabretta leather with perforation on both the back of the fingers and palms to keep your hands cool.

It’s grippy, lightweight and as robust as golf gloves come. A solid performer you won’t be embarrassed to take out of your bag.

Buy now £15.00, Sounder

TaylorMade Rain Control gloves

It’s reasonable to expect rain if you play golf in the UK, so you better be prepared. TaylorMade’s rain control gloves are some of the best wet weather golf gloves on the market.

This pair of gloves not only look the part but perform exceptionally well when it’s lashing down – partly because of the clever element tech microfiber material.

Rain gloves can be on the thicker side but these are surprisingly thin (45mm), which helps to keep an element of feel when chipping around the greens.

Buy now £24.99, Amazon

Footjoy RainGrip Gloves

This sleek pair of Footjoy gloves are perfect for wetter conditions. They’re quick-drying, super-grippy and incredibly comfortable. The best winter golf gloves should make your hands feel secure on the club to give you that confidence when it’s belting down, which these gloves do. Not forgetting, they come with a handy ball marker and neat tee holder – though it’ll not be to everyone’s taste. Design-wise, they look spot-on and hold up well in heavier rain.

Buy now £17.99, American Golf

Inesis WW Glove

If you’re getting into golf and don’t want to splurge on expensive gear, Decathlon is a good place for the essentials. This synthetic Inesis number is one of the best golf gloves available in the price range. It fits true to size, works well in summery conditions (not so good if it’s raining) and is well perforated to ensure your hands don’t get too sweaty. Fit is true-to-size, it’s aesthetically sound and relatively grippy for the price.

Buy now £8.99, Decathlon

Under Armour Medal Glove

They say a golf glove should be skin-tight, and we can attest to this being the case for Under Armour’s Medal Glove. Perhaps the best synthetic golf glove on the list for the price, it comes with light, breathable material and a textured palm surface that grips the club well. The design is lovely, and because of the synthetic material, it’s harder wearing than leather comparisons. A solid pick for under a tenner.

Buy now £9.99, Under Armour

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove

Serious golfers will love this traditional-looking golf glove by TaylorMade. It is made from AAA Cabretta Soft Tech Leather and brilliantly designed to optimise control. The skin is super-thin, meaning it’s one of the best golf gloves of our picks when it comes to feeling (there’ll be no need to take it off when pitching). Although it’s made from premium leather and isn’t the most perforated, it doesn’t leave your hand feeling clammy – even in hotter conditions.

Buy now £15.44, Amazon

Titleist Players Flex Golf Glove

A go-to for golfers who want the best golf glove for all-around performance, this Titleist stalwart offers style, substance and practicality. It’s made from Cabretta leather, is well perforated in all the right areas, and is reasonably durable.

The classic-looking glove also gives a high level of comfort and control when handling clubs in dry conditions. It’s reasonably flexible so that you won’t feel restricted in your swing, but it doesn’t sag after a few rounds of golf as some leather gloves can.

Buy now £16.49, American Golf

Vega golf glove

Are you a golfer that values simplicity and tradition? Then you’ll probably like this soft Cabretta leather golf glove by Vega. Although not the prettiest to look at, it comes in a high-quality glove with perforation holes on both the fingers and palms. The premium material also provides a nice feel giving you confidence on the tee. It also performs pretty well in wet conditions as it’s relatively moisture resistant.

Buy now £19.95, Vega