The best memes from the Royal Wedding

You know what a Royal Wedding means? Royal memes.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle wed on Saturday, drawing attention from across the globe. And when all eyes are drawn to a single event, there will be memes. Oh, there will be memes.

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Of course, attire was a natural place to poke some fun.

Pippa Middleton received a ton of attention for her dress, which looked an awful lot like that $.99 can of Arizona Green Tea

Some noted that parts of the wedding looked like something straight out of a Disney movie.

Harry may be older, but some things never change.

This little excited dude drew some attention.

And so did the contrast between Princess Charlotte and Prince George's enthusiasm. 

People really wanted to know what Prince Harry and Prince Williams were chatting about here.

Victoria and David Beckham's attire looked a little ... funeral-esque.

Victoria and David Beckham.
Victoria and David Beckham.

Image: Getty Images

So naturally ... 

And one person spotted that multiple women wore the same dress to the wedding that Meghan wore when she met the Queen. 

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