Best packing cubes to organise and make the most of suitcase space

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been dreaming of your next getaway since lockdown began.

Toes in the sand, cocktail in hand, the sun shining overhead - it feels like a distant dream. But we’re thinking positive over at ES Best HQ that soon far-flung foreign travel will be back on the cards, so we’re getting prepped with all the things we need to make travelling as seamless as possible.

With all the extra uncertainty and confusion around traffic lights and Covid tests, there’s one previously stressful process we are hoping to streamline - packing.

Whether you’re a lifelong procrastinator or have Type A organisation skills, packing never has, and never will, be a fun task - but with the addition of cubes, it could take the fuss both out of stuffing your suitcase and for ease while you’re on your trip.

Instead of turning your case upside down every time you need a pair of underwear, you simply grab the correct cube. It’s dressing made easy. What’s more, when it comes to the end of your holiday, just stack the cubes back in the case and you’re ready to go - no wasting precious annual leave minutes on repacking.

They also come in handy for backpackers where it can be difficult to see what’s inside, where there are also compression models to help you fit more in your case at once (rolling your clothes can also help you cram more in).

A mix of nylon and zip, the packs usually come as different sized pockets so you can group together the relevant items. They also tend to have lightweight constructions to save those precious kilos on suitcase weight allowances - ideal for those who have yet to nail the skill of packing light. Spillages also have an extra barrier before reaching your precious pieces.

Top tip: leave one cube spare for your dirty laundry.

We have gathered the best packing cubes to invest in before your next trip.

The Insider Packing Cubes

You can count on luxury suitcase label Away to create equally premium packing cubes. The brand offers sets of either four or six to house all your travel essentials. They are crafted from nylon that is water-resistant and there’s even a mesh reverse panel so you can easily see what’s inside without having to overturn your neatly organised system. The cubes are available in a range of colours.


£45 | Away

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

Create an easily navigable case with these packing cubes from Amazon. Easy on your wallet and the eyes, they come in an array of fun colours. The best thing about these handy fabric compartments is the ability to mix and match to suit your specific needs. You can choose the combination of small, medium and large pouches. They are crafted from nylon and mesh for easy viewing, while the fabric is reinforced with stitching to avoid holes and tears.


£18.99 | Amazon

Horizn Studios Packing Cubes

While these packing cubes from suitcase label Horizn are designed to fit inside the brand’s luggage, they are in a range of versatile sizes to fit in just about any model out there. In this set of four, there’s a small cube to fit your tech or underwear as well as two medium ones for the likes of shorts and t-shirts. The second has a waterproof polyester lining for your wet clothing or laundry. Lastly, the largest size will suit bigger items like shirts, trousers and jumpers. These are designed to stand the test of time and throughout your travels with a durable and washable nylon mesh so throw them in to your post-holiday machine load. They also come in various shades of green, blue and a black iteration.


£65 | Horizn Studios

Chelsea 4 packing cubes in blush

Simplify the packing process by compartmentalising your clothing through these helpful cubes from Antler. They are complete with a compression zip so you can cram everything you need without being concerned about space - something that will be particularly helpful with all the new luggage costs. Inject a colourful edge with the stylish mint, blush and navy hues as well as your more neutral black and grey. These cubes come in sets of four, six and eight.


£39 | Antler

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set

Frequent flyers, we have found the durable packing cubes for you. Eagle Creek has some of the best models of the market to keep your possessions organised trip after trip. These come as a set of three but you can add more individual pouches. The pouches have been made from post-consumer recycled fabrics with a micro-weave and double-diamond design to prevent holes and tears, as well as a mesh window to easily see the contents. Great for those squeezing a whole holiday into a carry-on case or backpackers who want their items neat and easily accessible.

 (Eagle Creek)
(Eagle Creek)

£35 | Rohan

eBags Ultralight Packing Cubes

Save space, minimise weight and have all your travel must-haves organised in a pleasingly orderly fashion with packing cubes from eBags. The clue is in the name; these are super light compartments made from a siliconised nylon that is renowned for its lightweight nature and durability. This set includes one slim, two small and two large cubes.


£24.99 | Amazon

Osprey Ultralight Packing Cube Set

Specialists in all things holdalls - from packs, to suitcases via carriers - Osprey has expanded into the packing cube sector to make your holiday organisation a breeze. Weighing in at just 0.1kg, this Ultralight design will ensure your precious suitcase weight allowance is reserved for what matters - snacks and souvenirs. They are made from nylon with a ripstop construction that reinforces the exterior to prevent holes from forming. They come as a set of three in shadow grey or electric lime but you can add more individual pouches as needed.


£30 | Osprey

Go Travel Packing Cubes, Pack of 3

The ultimate travel hack, these cubes from GoTravel will protect your clothes and make it easier to find what you need at that exact moment. They come as a set of three in various sizes but if you’re going long haul, we suggest adding two sets to basket. The breathable mesh fabric will prevent your clothes getting musty, especially the one that you’ll reserve for dirty laundry. There’s a clear mesh window so you can see the contents at a glance.


£12.99 | John Lewis

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