Best stain resistant rugs that really tie the room together


It’s an accepted truth that homewares such as carpets and rugs will, over the course of their lifespan, collect more than a few stains.

High traffic areas like the hallway, dining and living rooms are the worst affected areas, but if you’re partial to breakfast in bed, or drop an expensive new potion or lotion in the bedroom, it’s curtains for any floor covering you’ve laid there too.

While nothing much but carpet cleaning products and good old fashioned elbow grease can help most fabrics, rugs leave you with more options to get unsightly stains out.

There’s a new wave that can be slung in an ordinary washing machine, but, as with most things, prevention is better than cure.

An anti-stain rug anticipates the accidents that can occur in daily life, and forgives them all by allowing you to wipe or washing machine clean, restoring your rug back to showroom-new. Is it a modern-day miracle? If you’re houseproud, then the answer is: undoubtedly.

Below we’ve found the most stylish rugs, all boasting anti-stain superpowers. Not only will they repel stains (or at the very least, allow you to remove them with minimal grunting and sweating on your part) but in the fabled words of The Dude, “they’ll really tie the room together”.

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New Blue Elassa Floral Oriental Traditional Area Rug

A heavily patterned rug like this holds multi-appeal. Not only will it bring interest to the floor, which let’s face it, is usually largely ignored, but the intricate floral pattern means it should hide wear and tear fairly well.

For bothersome stains though, have no worry. Not only is this rug stain resistant, but it’s washable to see to larger spills - and its moth resistant too. All you need to do is stand back, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Buy now £189.99, Amazon

Mack + Milo Adel Cream/Black Rug

From the living room to the study, this tassel-fringed minimal monochrome rug is universal enough to work in all sorts of spaces, no matter your interior scheme. Made from synthetic fibres with enough pile to scrunch your toes into, it boasts stain-resistant technology making it not only pet- and child-proof, but lifeproof too. Available in two sizes and other light colour palettes.

Buy now £81.99, Wayfair

Balta Covey Checkered Shag Area Rug

Check prints are having a massive moment, and not just for fashion. You can find the classic print on interiors too, offering a statement look to your home. If you fancy switching up your interiors with something on trend, this plush rug fits the bill perfectly. It’s available in an array of sizes to best suit your space and you can choose from mustard, pink, navy and burgundy shades along with this burnt orange. It’s non-shedding, pet-friendly and of course, stain-resistant. Checks all boxes, in other words (sorry, not sorry).

From £128.61

Buy now £128.61, Overstock

Dunelm Paradise Indoor Outdoor Rug

Made for outdoor use as well as indoors, this monochrome leaf-print rug is made to go the distance. The easy-care design has been made with a polypropylene/ polyester blend and will wear well, even in heavy traffic areas. And when it comes to spills, stains and marks, Dunelm recommends blotting them as you spot them with a clean, dry white cloth, avoiding rubbing. Easy peasy.

Available in a choice of three sizes.

Buy now £59.00, Dunelm

Well Woven Fairmont Archer Retro Machine Woven Grey Rug

A pared back rug with an abstract design is the more subtle way to introduce patterns to your floors and will work beautifully in contemporary homes. There’s no need to shy away from the lighter shades either, as Well Woven has finished this rug with a stain resistant finish. It doesn’t come with a rug pad though, so buy that separately to prevent yourself sliding across hard floors.

Buy now £171.99, Wayfair

Wade Logan Rundle Orange/Brown/Beige Rug

A runner is the perfect shape for a standard hallway, and this Egyptian-made option feels soft underfoot yet is hard wearing enough to resist the worst of muddy paw, dirty shoes and general stains. Not only does it hide horrible marks, but it can be used on homes with underfloor heating too.

Buy now £30.99, Wayfair

Dunelm Boho A475 Rug

A high density pile rug is the perfect way to warm up hardwood floors or tiles that tend to be cold in the winter. Simple to maintain, this stain-resistant shaggy style features a laid back boho design that will add texture and interest to living rooms and bedrooms. Also available in brown, green and navy.

Buy now £85.00, Dunelm

Ruggable Star Wars Toile Blue Rug

Ruggable has focused its rug brand around one golden, shining USP: all its designs are machine washable.

How? Every one of the 150+ designs come in two parts, with a padded anti-slip rug bag that sits beneath the patterned upper rug cover portion which holds together with a light velcro-type backing (called Cling Effect technology).

When it’s time to get stains out or simply keep your rug looking, smelling and feeling fresh, simply peel back the cover (about the thickness of a heavy blanket), and stick it in the washing machine. Once dry, fix it back onto the pad. As well as its own designs, the brand has teamed up with big names like interior guru Jonathan Adler, illustrator Keith Haring and Disney to offer up stunning rug designs, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Our pick? This Star Wars Toile Blue Rug is elegant enough for the living room and will delight movie buffs when they take a closer look.

Available as an area rug, runner and round rug in a variety of sizes.

Buy now £289.00, Ruggable