Best waterproof clothes to keep you dry in the snow, wind and rain

Abha Shah

There are many truths about London; one of them is that rain is never far away, especially at this time of year.

It either seems like it starts lashing down the second you step out of your front door in the morning or when you’re leaving the office at the end of the day, ending just as abruptly the second you’re back indoors. That, or an infuriating hanging mist lingering throughout the day, too dense to be considered fog and too light to be called rain, making getting from A to B a damp misery.

While we can’t push away those dark and moody clouds, we can find the silver lining – in this case, it’s an edit of wet weather-proof gear that every Londoner should own.

We’re talking raincoats, covers, brollies and backpacks; all those helpful things that’ll stop the drowned rat look which has yet to make it into any style or trend report.

Travel in style, but most importantly, arrive dry as a bone – no matter how heavy the downpour.

See our favourites below

Rains Backpack Mini

The average person carries around a hell of a lot of expensive tech with them these days, all at risk when the heavens open. Keep your phone, tablet, laptop, kitchen sink safe and dry with a mini backpack from Rains. The outer is covered in water-resistant fabric and has specific places to store your laptop and phone out of harm’s way.

Available in a selection of colours, matte finish.

£59 | Rains | Buy it now *on sale now from Amazon, was £69

Waterproof Unisex Overtrousers

Whether you're off on a hike or hopping on your bike for the daily commute to work, keep your outfit dry with a this pair of waterproof trousers that are so hardy they're recommended for DofE expeditions. Lightweight and boasting a raft of weatherproof features, they're the perfect thing to keep on standby when it's cats and dogs outside.

£36 | Go Outdoors | Buy it now

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Hunter Women's Original Play Short Wellington Boots: Black

Nothing makes a day worse than wet shoes that you're forced to wear all day. Depending on the strictness of your work's dress code, you might be able to get away with ankle-high wellies, like these from Hunter. Cute with a dress and undetectable under trousers, they'll keep your tootsies dry whatever the weather.

Get them in sizes 3 – 9 and in 11 colours. Find men’s Hunter ankle and Chelsea boots here.

£75 | Hunter | Buy it now

Petit Bateau Unisex Iconic Waxed Coat

Like the universal favourite denim, a yellow raincoat looks chic on anyone, any age. This wardrobe staple is lined with moisture-wicking cotton lining to keep the sweat at bay and covered in a coated waterproof knit to protect you against the watery elements.

Available in sizes XXS to XXL.

£145 | Petit Bateau | Buy it now

Double Waterproof Windproof Touchscreen Gloves

Switch songlist, Google Map your next destiantion, and catch up on the latest news at ES Online with these super smart gloves. They'll let you operate your touchscreen device without taking them off, keeping your paws toasty and frostbite-free.

£7.99 - £13 | Amazon | Buy it now

Aldi Dog Coat Delhi Red

Anyone who owns a dog knows their pooch needs to stretch their legs a couple of times a day, whatever the weather. Keep your furball as dry as possible with a waterproof cover, like this one from Regatta. Made from the same Isotex 5000 fabric they use in coats for human wearers, it’s seam-sealed and breathable, keeping them comfortably for walkies.

Available in sizes M and L.

£10.95 | Regatta | Buy it now *On sale from £22

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Waterproof Phone Case YOSH IPX8

That an Amazon reviewer lost their phone in the ocean yet it washed up in perfect working order five days later is all you need to know about the water-tight qualities of this phone case. The snap-and-lock seal has been tested to a depth of 30 metres to ensure its safety, and as well as water, this will protect your mobile from snow, sand and dirt.

Compatible with nearly all phones up to 6.1 inches.

£5.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Alpkit Balance Waterproof Jacket

Cyclists sing the praises of Alpkit, an online retailer of outdoor equipment and clothing like its Balance jacket.

Performing equally as well whether you’re on the commute, going to the shops or on a weekend bike ride, it weighs practically nothing, gives enough movement to cycle in and wicks sweat away to keep you as comfortable as possible.

The hood is weighted with wire too, so it won’t blow back when you’re at top gear, and there are water resistant zips, spacious pockets and enough vents to keep you cool and collected. They really have thought of everything.

Sizes run from 8 – 18 and a selection of colours are available.

Men’s versions perform the same, they’re simply tailored differently. Find waterproof outerwear here.

£149.99 | Alpkit | Buy it now *On sale from £189.99

The People’s Poncho

There are some downpours so torrential that few pieces of clothing can keep you dry. While your feet are another story, The People’s Poncho will keep you dry from head to… er, knee.

It uses a light and simple Japanese polyester layer to shield you from the lightest drizzle to the fattest raindrops, and comes with features like a hidden waistband so you can wear it while cycling in the rain.

With a chest pocket for your essentials, it’s a high performing piece of kit that will save your skin whenever dark clouds gather.

£65 | Wild Bounds | Buy it now

Lightweight "Teflon" Travel Umbrella

Protect yourself against stormy skies with this light and compact brolly from Repel.

It's finished with a Teflon-like coating to bounce raindrops away and means it dries quickly. What’s more, it’s reinforced with nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs which have some give so that they can withstand powerful gales without turning inside out.

The click function also means you can use it one-handed - helpful when you have your hands full with children, pets, shopping or a chaotic combination of all three.

Available in five other colours.

£16.95 | Amazon | Buy it now

The Handbag Raincoat

It’s out very worst sartorial fear – swanning around town with our cherished designer handbag in tow, only for the weather to rain all over your parade. Your only options are to take cover in a coffee shop or sacrifice your personal comfort and wrap your coat around your precious arm candy instead. It’s a distressing scene, but one relegated to the past thanks to the invention of: handbag raincoats.

Designed to keep handbags safe and the cargo within dry as a bone, this is a simple PVC design that does its job well. Simply pop over the handles at the first sign of dark clouds, keep calm and carry on. You can also shop this petit raincot in a star print pattern.

Dimensions: 83 x 32.5cm

£17.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

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