Beth collapsed in her bedroom when she thought she was having a stroke. Her six-year-old daughter came to her rescue

A six-year-old girl has been awarded by East Midlands Ambulance Service for her bravery, after coming to her mum's rescue when she thought she was having a stroke. And now, the authority has released the audio recording of the phone call in which Aurora Chilvers, from Rainworth near Mansfield, spoke to a 999 operator.

Aurora's mum Beth Chilvers, 32, had come down unwell on Monday, January 24, coughing and feeling light-headed. She had a bath to "steam it out" but this only exacerbated her symptoms.

Her speech began to slur and she felt a sudden headache which she later described as a severe migraine. She also struggled to lift her arms and move at all.

She was later told having a bath was the "worst thing" she could have done by paramedics. The heat sent her body into shock and caused her temperature to spike to 40 degrees, as well as making her shiver and shake.

Beth made it to her bedroom but collapsed, weak, on her bed. Aurora then found her - at which point her mum could only breathlessly utter only short phrases, like "try grandad".

She did ring granddad - who rang 999. The operator then rang Beth's number - but she only had the energy to tap the answer call button and say hello.

In the audio recording, Beth can be heard struggling before Aurora takes over. She says: "My mummy can't move."

The operator asks Aurora what's happening with mother, to which she says: "She's lying on the bed and she's not moving. But she's breathing."

Beth interjects, explaining in a pained voice that she can but can't open her eyes. Aurora relays the information to the operator, also explaining how she has put their kitten in the lounge and distracted her with some food and a tray for litter.

Aurora's grandmother - Beth's mother - then turned up at which point the operator could hang up. When the ambulance crew arrived, Beth was taken to hospital.

Beth said: “As a single mum, I’ve always had that anxiety of thinking what would happen if I was ever in a situation of needing emergency medical help. I always drilled into Aurora that if ever mummy is in pain or passed out, you get mummy’s phone and ask for help, which she then did for me when I really needed it. I’m so proud of her.”

Beth fully recovered in hospital with doctors finding she had not had a stroke and that her symptoms were due to her body reacting to the hot water. Aurora was presented with her bravery award at a reunion with the ambulance staff that helped her mum.

Beth said: “The crew were also amazing with Aurora. They gave her a torch which they use to check your eyes, which she still plays with. Aurora says she now wants to be a firefighter or police officer when she's older."