Better Call Saul: Amarillo


James ‘Jimmy’ McGill still runs in his path towards redemption. Evil redemption.

In the meantime, he’s working hard to accomplish all his duties at the new law firm where he’s working.

The Sandpiper case is still on and Jimmy’s trying to find people amongst the elders as victims and witnesses in order to support the case, once it’ll go into court.

The episode opens up in a beautifully directed scene. Jimmy is waiting on the pavement for a bus loaded with elderlies. The bus stops and he gives a bunch of money to the driver to fake a problem with the engine giving Jimmy time to get inside the bus and - away from the Sandpiper guys - have a chat with some of the elderlies.

The episode goes on with Jimmy undertaking outreaching tasks.

He then comes up with an idea for getting as much people as he can. He hires a couple of directing students to film a short commercial to promote the cause. It’s targeted for a specific timing and audience and Jimmy manages to have it aired without his boss knowing it.

On the other side of the episode, we follow the events that surround Mike Ehrmantraut. He has been concerned for the status of his daughter-in-law.

After he shows up in her apartment, she confess she has been hearing shooting during the night and she’s worried for her daughter.

Mike, therefore, decides to intervene and he stations for a whole night outside her house just to prove there’s no real danger for them.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, his initiatives aren’t taken well from his boss who’s mad at him for airing the commercial without saying anything.

Jimmy receives the angry-phone call when he’s with Kim and tries to pretend it’s a congratulation-call instead.

At the end of the episode, we witness Mike’s meeting with another job of his, provided once again by his veterinarian.

We discover he meets Nacho Varga.

“I got a problem,” he starts. “There’s a guy, I need him to go away.”

Who’s he talking about? Maybe we will finally get to see Gustavo Fring taking action in the series?

Better Call Saul returns every Tuesday on Netflix.