When is Beyond Paradise series 2 on TV?

The Death in Paradise spin-off will soon return to a screen near you

Beyond Paradise stars Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton. (BBC)
Beyond Paradise is the much celebrated spin-off to Death in Paradise, and it will return for a second series in 2024. (BBC)

Cozy crime fans rejoice because BBC favourite Beyond Paradise is returning for series 2.

The spin-off to Death in Paradise received huge critical acclaim when it launched in 2023, with 8 million viewers tuning in to enjoy the show's first outing. Set in Shipton Abbott, on the Devonshire coast, the first series saw the characters help solve a number of interesting cases that hit the region.

Fans will soon be able to dive into more of Beyond Paradise, and here is everything we know so far about the show's second series.

When is Beyond Paradise series 2 airing on TV?

Beyond Paradise will return for its second series on Friday, 22 March. The first episode will air at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The show's predecessor Death in Paradise is currently airing its 13th series on the channel, with episodes expected to finish airing on Sunday, 24 March — so the two shows will air around the same time for a brief period.

Who stars on Beyond Paradise series 2?

Beyond Paradise (BBC)
Dylan Llewellyn, Zahra Ahmadi, Kris Marshall, Sally Bretton, and Felicity Montagu will all return to Beyond Paradise series 2. (BBC)

Beyond Paradise will mark the return of several characters, including Kris Marshall as DI Humphrey Goodman, as is Sally Bretton as his fiancée Martha Lloyd. Meanwhile Zahra Ahmadi is also returning as DS Esther Williams, as is Dylan Llewellyn as PC Kelby Hartford and Felicity Montagu as office support civilian, Margo Martins.

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The cast is rounded out by Barbara Flynn, who returns as Martha's mum Anne, and Melina Sinadinou also returns as Zahra's daughter Zoe. The regular cast members will be joined by an array of guest stars, who the BBC has now confirmed.

Peter Davidson, Kevin Bishop, Adam Fogerty, Emma Fielding, Dan Renton Skinner, Peter Landi, Abi Clarke, and Paul Bradley are amongst the guest stars. Others set to make an appearance include Emily Lloyd-Saini, Danny Webb, Nicholas Woodeson, Malcolm Storry, Carolyn Pickles, Jeff Rawle, Jayde Adams, Souad Faress, Charlie Baker and more.

Jade Harison will also return as CS Charlie Woods, as will Melina Sinadinou as Zoe, Eva Feiler as Lucy, Isaac Vincent-Norgate as Ryan, and Amelia Vitale as Hannah.

What is the plot for Beyond Paradise series 2?

Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton in Beyond Paradise's Christmas special, which saw their characters Humphrey and Martha face new challenges which will have repercussions in series 2. (BBC)
Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton in Beyond Paradise's Christmas special, where Humphrey and Martha faced new challenges which will have repercussions in series 2. (BBC)

The series will see Humphrey and the team deal with a new, baffling crime each week. Fans will also get to see how the events from the show's Christmas special will impact the characters, like Humphrey and Martha who are still working on their relationship.

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The team will be busy with an array of baffling cases including a death on a steam train to a missing teacher. But that's not all, because Police HQ’s threat of the local station potentially closing is hanging over them – so there is a lot of pressure on their shoulders.

Following the Christmas special, the new season will see Humphrey and Martha embark on a new personal journey: creating their version of a family by starting to foster. Meanwhile, Martha's mum Anne is preparing to enter the dating world again, while Esther's daughter Zoe accidentally reveals a long-held secret.

Is there a trailer for Beyond Paradise series 2?

Yes, a trailer for Beyond Paradise series 2 was revealed on Tuesday, 12 May. It gives viewers a glimpse at what they can expect from the series.

Watch the trailer here:

Beyond Paradise series 2 returns on Friday, 22 March.