BGT 's Bruno Tonioli sobs 'I can't bear it' after powerful audition

Bruno Tonioli on BGT

ITV's Britain's Got Talent continued on Sunday (May 12) with a new line-up of auditionees including Captain Beany from Port Talbot and Japanese comic act Nabe. The final auditionees were couple Denise and Stefan who totally won over the judging panel with their duet.

The couple, who are both blind, won over the crowd instantly as Simon Cowell asked how they were and she answered: "Bit nervous, I need a wee," causing the crowd to laugh warmly.

The couple, who have a great sense of humour met at an award ceremony 18 years ago where Stefan said: "Denise was presenting and I played the piano for two hours while everyone had a three-course meal." Denise elaborated they actually met on the Tube train en route to the event when Stefan asked her the time and Denise said: "What are the chances of a blind man asking a blind woman on the train for the time?"

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Ahead of their duet, with Denise singing and Stefan playing the piano, Simon asked why they decided now was the time to auditon for BGT. "Let's be honest as performers the last few years haven't been a lot of fun," explained Denise, "and then just as everybody was getting back to work I was diagnosed with cancer, so I was having chemo - I mean I've had half of my favourite boob taken off."

The audience erupted in applause as Denise revealed she'd had a clear scan and her hair had grown back, before they began to perform Climb Every Mountain from the Sound of Music.

After the emotional performance, which saw Bruno and Alesha in tears, Cowell told them the reality competition show is nothing “without people like you”, adding: “I’m so happy that you made the decision to come on our show. You''re both amazing people”

Tonioli was left in tears by the performance and said: “I’m a mess, this show is killing me," before telling Denise and Stefan that they were an inspiration.

BGT returned last month and so far has seen many acts awarded the highly-coveted golden buzzer, which grants acts a place in one of the live semi-finals of the show. This means they skip past the bootcamp stage of the competition, giving them a head start.

Those who have recieved the golden buzzer so far include, singer Sydnie Christmas, Ssaulabi Performance Troupe, a choir called Ravi's Dream Team, dance group Cyberagent Legit, and special needs teacher Taryn Charles, who is a singer.

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