Biden news: President to visit UK and EU on first trip abroad as he promises green jobs for ‘all workers’

Andy Gregory
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Bill Gates spoke at Joe Biden’s climate summit on Friday (screengrab)
Bill Gates spoke at Joe Biden’s climate summit on Friday (screengrab)

Joe Biden’s first trip abroad is set for June in the form of a trip to the UK and Belgium, first for the G7 summit and then a US-EU summit in Brussels.

Bill Gates appears to have made an inadvertent dig at former US president Donald Trump as he thanked his successor Joe Biden “for re-establishing America’s leading role on climate”.

The Microsoft co-founder’s comments came on the second and final day of Mr Biden’s virtual climate summit, as the president and members of his administration repeatedly emphasised that they would ensure the transition to clean energy provides jobs for all workers – in particular those without degrees and those at the deprived end of the current job market.

Meanwhile, a new Harvard Institute of Politics poll suggests that approval of Mr Biden among young Americans has soared in his first 100 days in office, nearly doubling from the same period last year to 59 per cent.

Perhaps chiming with Mr Gates’ sentiments, the young voters surveyed were also found to be vastly more hopeful about their country’s future than they were four years ago – with that number now sitting at 56 per cent, having been as low as 31 per cent in autumn 2017.

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