Silver King Fish Swallows Teen's Hand in Florida Keys

A massive tarpon, a fish also known as a silver king, bit the hand that fed it – and then some – in Islamorada, Florida, on August 15.

Austin Craver was at Robbie’s of Islamorada feeding a school of tarpon, a renowned tourist contact sport in the Florida Keys, when one of the silver kings momentarily swallowed his hand and a fair amount of forearm.

Courtney Craver, Austin’s mother, told Storyful it is a tradition to bring her family to the Florida Keys in the summer to see who can have the most up-close-and-personal feeding encounter with a tarpon.

Craver told Storyful, “The person with the highest scratch wins $20!” – meaning the highest scratch made by a tarpon as it subsumes the competitor’s hand while grabbing a feeder fish, as seen in the video.

In this case, Courtney told Storyful it was a draw because both Austin and his friend had blood dripping from their hands.

The footage was captured by Austin Craver, as he held a GoPro camera in one hand and fed the tarpon in the other. Credit: Courtney Craver via Storyful