'The Biggest So Far': Conservationists Remove Plastic Strip 'Embedded' in Large Seal's Skin

Conservationist Naude Dreyer saved a large seal caught in packaging strapping in Walvis Bay, Namibia on February 26, 2020.

Dreyer’s friend assisted him with the rescue and was vital in Dreyer deciding “to attempt to catch this big bull Cape fur Seal” which Dreyer had previously avoided.

As soon as the two men caught the large seal in their net, they proceeded to remove the offending plastic.

“The animal’s relief was immediate when we cut the strap, as he stopped struggling completely when the tension of the entanglement was suddenly gone,” Dreyer said.

Dreyer has a set up a GoFundMe for Ocean Conservation Namibia to assist him with this work. He claims to have saved “over 600 seals entangled in marine debris like fishing lines, nets and packing straps.” At the time of writing, he had raised $2,105 of his $5,000 goal. Credit: Naude Dreyer via Storyful