Bill Nighy 'gets a thrill' throwing away invites

Bill Nighy doesn't enjoy going out credit:Bang Showbiz
Bill Nighy doesn't enjoy going out credit:Bang Showbiz

Bill Nighy "gets a thrill" throwing invitations away.

The 74-year-old actor - whose relationship with Diana Quick ended in 2008 - feels "uncomfortable" in social situations and when he tries to be less of a "weirdo" and forces himself to mingle with other people, he only ends up remembering why he usually opts to stay at home.

He told Sunday Times Style magazine: "I don’t go on dates.

“I get a thrill tossing invites in the bin. It’s not healthy or sensible.

"I did think a while back, come on don’t be a weirdo, go to something.

"So I went to three things and it reminded me why I never go to anything, because I go on my own and it’s a bit uncomfortable. I just feel a bit of a lemon.”

The 'First Omen' actor always listens to music at home and sometimes he even dances on his own.

Asked about his moves, he said: “Very obviously deeply attractive ones. Chic. Powerful. Vigorous. Thrilling. Rhythmic. Funky moves that might suggest … no I’m not going to finish that. But, yeah, I swing about, I do a few twirls. I am an ironic dancer.”

Bill loves fashion and developed an interest in clothes to hide his self-consciousness.

Asked if he has any tattoos, he said: “I’ve never thought my body was worthy of decoration, that’s why I’m into clothes...

"I hated everything about my body. I’m not that mad about it now. It’s like everything is wrong. I’ve got the wrong hair, the wrong height, the wrong legs.”

And the 'Love Actually' star doesn't think he'd opt to go into acting if he could start his life again.

He mused: “That’s a deep, philosophical question.

“No, I wouldn’t [be an actor]. I don’t think I’m cut out for it.”